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Write for Prem Talk

Premiership Talk LogoAre you ready to jump into the world of football journalism? Are you ready to have your footballing thoughts and writing read by thousands of fans from across 200 countries? If so, writing for Premiership Talk is for you! Writing about football is an extremely rewarding experience, especially as fans from across the world interact with the words that you’ve written. And yes, there is plenty of banter, so you need to have a thick skin!

Benefits of writing for Premiership Talk

  1. Fun! There are few things in life more enjoyable than discussing the beautiful game. Where else do you get the chance to put your thoughts out there to be read by thousands of fans from around the world!? I can’t think of a pub that gives you that kind of soapbox, but if you know of one, let me know!
  2. Exposure! If you’re serious about growing or establishing your online presence then Premiership Talk is perfect for you! Our writers have gone on to write for some of England’s and football’s most read publications, along with a host of other websites and magazines. By writing on Prem Talk your stuff is read by thousands of people from across the world.
  3. Experience! Whether you’re an aspiring journalist or a student looking to improve your writing, the Prem Talk editorial team has published literally thousands of pieces across a wide array of mediums (online, print, podcasts, videos, etc.) and will be providing ongoing feedback and ideas to take your content to the next level.
  4. Reward! Whether it’s monthly writer competitions where we give out free swag or you choose to participate in our revenue share program, there’s enough reward to go around! On top of physical/fiscal reward, the reward of getting read from thousands of fans and getting comments and interactions with fans is one of the most enjoyable experiences! Click here to find out how to get started!

What topics do Prem Talk contributors write about?

Premiership Talk is the home of all things Premier League. From news to opinion pieces, we welcome all conversation about the best league in the world (sorry, that’s not open for debate! Well, maybe it is in your next opinion piece!). If your dream has always been to start a weekly feature on a widely circulated website then let us know! We’ve had the Wednesday Wonder, the Friday Five…what’s next? You tell us!

Content can include:

  1. News
  2. Opinion pieces
  3. Features
  4. Match previews
  5. Match reviews
  6. Interviews
  7. Video pieces
  8. Podcasts / audio
  9. Football traveling/experience stories