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Hull City News

Double Trouble: Ones to Watch

These two are in trouble!

This Weekend’s Winners and Losers

Keane, Torres, and Pompey!

Will Burnley’s Home Record Survive Sunderland?

Can Burnley win again?

The Thursday Throwdown: A to Z

This week: "xtra strength ref."

The Thursday Throwdown: A to Z

X is for...

The Wednesday Wonder: Didier Drogba

Two goals, and one Wednesday Wonder.

2009/10: The Best Season Ever!

Exciting times ahead! We hope...

The Long and Winding Road

Oscar reflects on this season.

Relegation Sunday Scenarios – Part 2

Empty seats galore next season!

Relegation Sunday Scenarios

Who will go down?

Things to Look For This Weekend

This is why we all love the Prem.

Can You Believe It!? Hull for the Drop!

Has Alan Shearer done it? Maybe, just maybe!

The End is Near

United are four points away.

Newcastle Gifted the Driving Seat

Hull are intent on throwing it all away.

Saturday’s Winners and Losers

When there are winners, there must be losers.

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