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The World Cup – a brief coping guide

By | 15th May 2014
england fans

There’s this thing they have in world football called the World Cup and it comes around every four years and, unfortunately, 2014 is one such year.

Now forewarned is forearmed; it’s virtually impossible to avoid the hype! So if you have absolutely zero interest in real football, then it’s best to sit in a darkened room with no contact with the outside world between June 12th and July 13th when the tournament takes place in Brazil. And even if you do this – you’ll still not be able to avoid all the coverage. After all, this is just one more example!

So there’s pretty much no way out unless you play to spend the summer in Greenland. So what’s a nerd to do? Well there are a few choices here. One is the “if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them” type of route. Settle in to watch as many games as you have to – and pick a team to support. You may be surprised by just how enthusiastic you can become about shouting on Costa Rica, Algeria or the Cameroon for example!

As things stand, Brazil are favourites to win the World Cup – not least because they win just about every other tournament on average and, this time, it’s in their own backyard. And, incidentally, this is the first time that the country which has been most successful in the whole history of the World Cup (they’ve won seven) has hosted the whole thing since Adam was a boy in 1950. And that time they lost out to Uruguay in front of close to 200,000 crazed partisan fans in Rio’s Maracana stadium.

Little wonder then that Brazil’s odds are as short as 3-1 with some bookmakers – even though they haven’t got a massively strong squad compared with some previous World Cups – and even though they’ll be under unbelievable pressure to win on home soil.

And, for the record, the other countries that have been most successful throughout World Cup history are Italy, Germany and Argentina – and of these, only Italy are considered to have no chance this summer – so they’ll probably go and win it!

The other way to cope is to act aloof; yes, you’re completely aware of proceedings in Brazil this summer – but you’re utterly immune to the whole thing. The media and general furore associated with the World Cup has permeated your skin not one iota; you’re completely above all this mindless nonsense that the rest of the world seems to get so worked up about. In a word – you’re superior!

And finally, the only other way to avoid the hype without the necessity of sitting in a broom cupboard or travelling to some barely inhabited place is to go to the good old US of A for the summer. Here, the World Cup barely registers on the Richter scale compared with other so-called “developed” nations. In fact, if you’re ever in America during a major world “soccer” tournament, you may see how many of that country’s inhabitants positively love to eschew the whole thing. It’s a kind of inverted snobbery that really fits the bill if you’re like-minded.

So … enjoy!

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