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Chelsea-Stoke war of words continues

The Stoke debate rumbles on

By | 16th August 2011

Following their 0-0 draw at the Brittania on Sunday, Stoke manager Tony Pulis and Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas have been in a war of words. The new Chelsea manager has accused Stoke of being too physical, and Pulis has once again jumped to the defense of his resilient side.

“This big Stoke team was actually outmatched by Chelsea at the end.

“If you look at the players Chelsea had on the pitch at the end of the game, there weren’t too many under six foot – Jose Bosingwa and Ashley Cole were probably the only two.

“We do the best we can with what we have got. We are not enamoured with the wallet Chelsea have got.

“We haven’t got the great players Chelsea have got. But the players we do have are very honest and give it their best every game.”

Pulis was responding to claims made by Chelsea’s Portuguese manager after the match on Sunday.

“The amount of shoving and pushing was out of this world,” Villas-Boas said. “Stoke pushed the boundaries of pushing and shoving.”

Pulis has constantly had to defend his side in recent years, but won’t mind their recent accomplishments as they prepare to face FC Thun in Thursday’s Europa League qualifying match in Switzerland.

Is this sour grapes from Villas-Boas or are Stoke really the Premier League’s bad boys? Have your say below!

Reader Comments

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  1. charles says:

    The bottom line here is that chelsea and stoke shared same points. Pushing or shoving are all part of the game

  2. sean says:

    What Pulis actually said was that the media are trying to blow this up because it’s they’re job, Pulis also said that AVB was not disrespectfull to stoke and that he was present when AVB gave his post match interview and that the media are only hearing what they want to hear….AVB actually said that there was alot of pushing in both boxes, done by both sets of players, Chelsea can be just as physical as Stoke….lazy stoke-hating jorno’s one again jumping on a self made wagon.

  3. tosino says:

    you really try but you can do better………

  4. I despair at the lack of decent journalists says:

    Why is this being brought up again? Why not report what Tony Pullis actually said today?

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