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The Wednesday Wonder: Didier Drogba

By | 19th August 2009

drogba-goalIt’s that time of year again! Yes, a new Premier League season is under way, and you know what that means! The Wednesday Wonder is back – whether you like it or not! It seemed like just yesterday that I was writing my last Wednesday Wonder about Newcastle – and look where THAT landed them.

That just goes to show that you don’t have to show up every week to win this prestigious award. It only takes one great performance, one lucky save, or one game-winning shot and you could find yourself up here. With that said, it’s time to declare the first Wednesday Wonder of the 2009/10 Premier League season! Not only did this wonderful performance happen during the first weekend of football, but it happened during the very first match of the season!

At first it seemed as though Chelsea wouldn’t even be able to put together a good performance for the Stamford Bridge faithful. The first twenty-five minutes of the match were clearly dominated by a Hull squad that was ready to prove that their fast start last season wasn’t as fluky as it ended out being. I was convinced that Hull was going to come away with at least a point from this match. My thoughts were answered when in the 27th minute Stephen Hunt found the back of the net when the ball was deflected right to his feet off of two Chelsea defenders. A stunned silence fell over Stamford Bridge.

This was just what Chelsea needed to get them going. There was no way they were going to let Hull City come into their stadium and rain on their proverbial parade. Less than ten minutes after Hunt scored, Chelsea was awarded a free kick a mere 25 yards from the Hull goal. As Didier Drogba stepped up to take the kick – looking very CR9-esque I might add – I turned to my brother and said, “this one’s going in.” A few seconds later, Drogba had perfectly placed a shot over the wall and into the bottom right-hand corner of the net. Not only was it all tied up 1-1, but there was a very visible momentum shift in Chelsea’s favor.

Surprisingly, the score stayed knotted at one apiece until injury time. Drogba’s magical day continued when he received a through ball from Deco a minute and a half into stoppage time. Running full speed almost out of bounds to the left of the Hull net, Drogba had to make a snap decision. Should he try to slot the ball home near post or pass back out to a teammate who probably had a better angle on goal than him?

The correct answer is neither. Drogba dug his cleat into the turf and flipped a floater just out of the outstretched hand of Myhill, and the ball nestled just inside the far post of the Hull net. His decision may have been ridiculous, but the outcome was beautiful and glorious. Stamford Bridge erupted into pandemonium. Didier Drogba had single-handedly saved a potentially disappointing start (Exhibit A: Liverpool) to the season.

Sure we have seen plenty of these performances by plenty of different players in the past, but it’s a new season, people. Didier Drogba, you have set the standard with your spectacular two goal performance against Hull City. Congratulations on being the first Wednesday Wonder of the 2009/10 season. Now let’s see what the rest of you guys got!

Was Drogba your pick for this week’s Wednesday Wonder? Have your say below!

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