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News by Mark Denton

The jewel in the crown for Pompey

After a terrible season, Portsmouth’s fortunes turned even worse as they were placed in administration on Friday and docked 9

Benitez gets it spot on

After falling behind in Romania last night, it seemed Liverpool were in for a tough job in qualifying for the

Aquilani: A man with a point to prove

All eyes turn to the Europa League tonight, and many Kopites will gaze towards Romania as Liverpool travel to Unirea for their

Super Kev… the man to save Bolton

There are whispers among some that he should even be considered for a place in Fabio Capello’s World Cup squad.

Which strikers should go to South Africa?

Mark Denton tries to find Wayne Rooney some friends.

Is Beckford worth a Premier League gamble?

After the fall from grace in the mid-2000′s, Leeds United’s recent FA Cup run has stirred up memories of glories

The Most Under-Rated Special One?

Bolton means business.

Trouble on Tyneside…Or a Glimmer of Hope?

Can the Magpies come back up?

Benitez’s Biggest Mistake

He may have given the title to United!