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Rio piles the pressure on Bale

Rio Ferdinand questions Bale's chances for goals

By | 8th September 2013
rio ferdinand

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has piled the pressure on Real Madrid player Gareth Bale following the Welshman’s record £86 million move before the transfer deadline. Bale’s move was a summer long transfer saga thanks to the tough negotiating of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, but Bale now finds himself playing alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

The United defender has voiced his opinion that the hefty price tag puts immense pressure on Bale, and questioned if the winger would get enough goalscoring chances with a player like Cristiano Ronaldo at the club. Ronaldo has consistently scored in the range of 50 goals per season since joining Los Blancos, and has an astonishing goal average of one goal per game over the course of his 200+ appearances for the club.

“He’s a top footballer but he’s facing pressure now like he’s never had before,” Ferdinand told the Mail on Sunday. ”There will be a pressure on him to play, even when he’s injured. And he’ll have to score. And sometimes a goal won’t be enough to keep that crowd happy. Winning 2-0 might not be enough. The pressure is going to be something else.

“Gareth Bale will be expected to score, and he has to do it with Cristiano Ronaldo alongside him, a player who also wants to score those goals. Who’s going to take the free-kicks? The corners? The penalties? At Tottenham he got goals from them. Take those away and he loses 9-10 goals from last season.

“If he’s not taking those set-pieces he’s got to get those goals from somewhere else. And if Ronaldo is getting 50 goals a season, and Bale cost more than Ronaldo, how many must Bale get to justify himself?

“This is the kind of thing he’s had to think about before going there. People will say it’s an easy decision to sign for Real, but when you start thinking about possible downsides, it takes some bravery.”

Ferdinand and United will no longer have to face off against last year’s Premier League Player of the Year following his move to Spain, but United take on the new-look Tottenham squad on December 1st at White Hart Lane. Chairman Daniel Levy and manager Andre Villas Boas splashed out over £100 million on new players this summer.

Reader Comments

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  1. Tony Power says:

    You would have loved to have him at United. H was by far the best player in the EPL last season and a never has been like you hangs crap on him.Rio , have a look in the mirror.

  2. Anthony Thresher says:

    I am a spurs fan and I would agree with Rio on this I think Bale went for the money and will regret his move within 2 years on the 3rd year I bet he is sold.

  3. Anthony Thresher says:

    I am a spurs fan and I would agree with Rio on this I think Bale went for the money and will regret his move within 2 years on the 3rd year I bet he is sold.

  4. If Ronalda stays BIG IF? – the bale will fail and will be the sort of player Chelsea will buy in 18 months for 40-55m.

  5. He won't be, though. "Should" means nothing, at Real Madrid, or to Ronaldo.

  6. Em Intellect says:

    He scored 4 from free kicks and Tottenham didn't have a penalty awarded last season so don't know how he loses 9-10 goals if he isn't taking them. BTW – Ronaldo hasn't scored a free kick for years, so I reckon Bale should actually be taking them.

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