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Video: An American coaching in the Prem

NBC releases comedic season promo video

By | 5th August 2013
blackburn fans

In the classic American comedy Saturday Night Live,  NBC Sports Network took its chance to connect the American and European versions of football by making a video of what it would be like to have an American football coach take over as manager of a Premier League club.

Actor Jason Sudeikis played the role of American coach Ted Lasso and what it would be like if he were to become the boss of Tottenham Hotspur. Although there is a clear lack of knowledge about the European version of football, the show always seems to find the funny-bone nonetheless.

NBC just recently signed a deal with the Barclays Premier League for broadcasting rights of all matches starting in the 2013/14 campaign. It took the viewing rights from previous holders Fox and ESPN. The American company agreed with the Premiership on a three year arrangement worth roughly £160 million, according to Foxsports.comThe value of this deal is worth over three times the value of the last deal with Fox due to the expanded viewership available with NBC in the United States.

The current television rights in the United Kingdom currently belong to telecommunications company BT, which bought the rights for just over £3 billion also starting this season.

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