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Barton wants to play for Everton

The QPR midfielder will take a pay cut to play with Everton

By | 31st July 2013
joey barton

QPR midfielder Joey Barton has told his agent that he would like to play for Premier League side Everton this year, wanting to move on from the relegated Rangers. Joey Barton’s agent Willie McKay even revealed that his client is willing to take a pay cut from his £70,000-a-week wages. Barton was not present last season for QPR’s last place finish in the Premier League, playing instead for Ligue 1 club Marseille on a season-long loan. Marseille, however, decided not to keep the 30 year old on a permanent deal.

“Obviously his package with QPR is pretty big for Marseille’s terms really,” said Barton’s agent to talkSPORT.

“Joey said there was only one club he would make a sacrifice for and it would be Everton and I made that call to Martinez.

“That is the club he loves. I have approached them and said Joey would love to have Everton on his CV. Fair play to him he said he would lose money to go to Everton – and not many professionals would do that.”

The midfielder started his youth career with the Toffees, remaining in their system for less than one season before being signed by Liverpool at the age of 14.  Barton had multiple trials but was rejected by many clubs, including Nottingham Forest, for being too small. After the 1996 season, he joined Manchester City and stayed in their system until he was nearly released in 2002. However, the club decided to give him an opportunity to play with the first team and Barton made the most of his chance, remaining with the senior squad until 2007. The midfielder then went on to play with Newcastle for four seasons before joining the QPR rebuilding project.

While the English international has never played under Everton manager Roberto Martinez, Barton’s agent says Everton would be one of the only clubs that the 30 year old would take a pay cut for, with Barton desiring to return to the club that he began his professional career with.

While Everton have shown no interest in Barton so far, McKay told talkSPORT that Martinez has yet to act on Barton’s interest but a transfer is possible.

“Roberto Martinez said he likes him as a player and he also spoke to (Martinez’s assistant) Graeme Jones, who loves him as a player. Anything can happen in football. It could happen,” said McKay in the talkSPORT interview.

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