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Wenger: Fashionable to slam Arsenal

Resilient gaffer expects continued scrutiny

By | 4th December 2012
arsene wenger

Arsene Wenger believes that his tactics and post-match comments continue to draw intense scrutiny in the media because it is becoming increasingly fashionable to criticize Arsenal.

The Gunners boss recently suggested that sensationalism is becoming the focal point of news reporting in English football and urged observers to avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Following Saturday’s 2-0 home defeat against Swansea, where Arsenal shipped away two late goals to Michu, Wenger felt that fatigue had caused his side to become jaded towards the end of the match.

That comment led to question marks over his squad’s fitness levels, to which the Frenchman reacted assertively, stating that his comments were once again taken out of context so that the Gunners can once again be made to look like the laughing stock of the Premier League.

“People don’t understand tiredness very well in England sometimes. They think you can only be tired at end of the season,” Wenger was quoted by ahead of tonight’s Champions League match away to Olympiakos.

The manager continued: “For me it’s a lack of freshness and you recover with a few days’ rest. If I take you out now, I can make you tired in 10 minutes.

“But tomorrow you will have recovered and won’t be tired for two months. It can happen with repetition of games with the Champions League. But it is part of the job and I don’t want to complain.”

Having clarified his earlier comments, Wenger indicated that his words are likely to be taken out of context again in the coming days to make a mockery of Arsenal.

“At the moment it is fashionable to be against Arsenal, so every single word you say people turn it against you. It doesn’t stop me saying what I believe.

“We had some internationals who played Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday – and we were only ones to play two away games in the Premier League. That is why I felt we lacked freshness but it is not the only explanation for our defeat,” the boss stated.

Wenger is likely to mitigate any concerns of fatigue within his squad this evening by resting some key players at Olympiakos.

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