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Redknapp reveals exit regrets

Harry wished he could have remained Spurs boss

By | 30th June 2012

Recently sacked Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp admits that he still wishes he was in charge of the club and insists that he really did not see the axe falling on his job in the manner that it eventually did.

Redknapp departed White Hart Lane on June 13, 2012, with the Spurs choosing to go in a different direction rather than meeting his demands on a new contract.

While the veteran manager maintains that the owners are entitled to run the club whichever way the like, he would have preferred to continue in the managerial capacity.

“I would obviously love to have stayed. Things were going well. There was no hint of me leaving, to be fair. But it is up to the chairman and the owner,” Redknapp was quoted yesterday.

He added: “It is their club, if they feel they want to go down a different route. Maybe they want to get someone in where they can get more people involved in who they sign and who they do not sign, that is up to them. It is their club.”

Such comments suggest that diverging views on the Spurs’ transfer policy played a key role in Redknapp’s departure but little has been done to complete new signings in the weeks since his exit.

While the four-year contract extension of Gareth Bale earlier this week was certainly a huge boost, Tottenham have been unable to finalize deals for either Ajax’s Jan Vertonghen or Hoffenheim’s Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Furthermore, the club remains without a manager despite reports strongly linking the position to former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas.

Reader Comments

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  1. spursguv says:

    Build a bridge and get over it. I’m one of the many that was glad to rednapp go. I’m not a glory hunter, just want a manager who I can respect.

  2. Dubai Spurs says:

    I agree with AEBSPURS. AVB, Vertoghen and Sigurdsson will all join Spurs on 2 July 2012. I happen to be one of Harry’s supporters and was gutted when he was sacked. But seeing he recent quotes in the media has really annoyed. He had a successful 4 years, and now it’s over. Lets move on and support the new man and simply ignore these comments. The press will have it in for Spurs in the coming season. If Spurs finish 5th or worse then the knives will be out for Levy and AVB!!

  3. AflieConnFanClub says:

    Perhaps Harry should stop playing the media through his mouthpeice son Jamie. Its not all about Harry – its also about what mess he leaving behind after another quick fix.

    • Levent says:

      Mess he’s leaving behind? Well, for starters he inherited a right mess. Got us CL experience, top 4 twice, brought in a few bargains and managed to keep our top players while not breaking the bank. Made us a higher profile club then we had been in previous 20 years with better marketing value. Yeah, some mess! And as for “leaving”, well, he was pushed. Big difference.

  4. Baz says:

    I like most Spurs supporters thought the world of arry, that was until he told us we had nothing before he arrived and no English Manager could turn down the England Job. Sadly it was
    Sections of the press and various pundits making the appointment . It seems the FA aren’t influenced by the mates of arry who will now take every oppotunity to criticise our Club for the mess they got him into!

  5. Iver Biggen says:

    If you did your job properly rather than chasing stupid dreams , probably you still would have been sitting in your office as the proud manager of premier league 3.rd placed Spurs, trying to sign some quality names instead of whingeing.You failed to show loyalty to Spurs and got what you deserved.

  6. longtimespur says:

    WTF does Harry keep on going on about Spurs. He couldn’t keep his mouth closed when he was there and now he’s exactly the same. It’s GONE Harry let it go, nothing to do with you anymore. Maybe if he’d been less chatty with his press buddies whilst manager he might still have a job!!!

  7. Fed up says:

    How long, can I ask, will you and all other media outlets be targeting Tottenham for sacking the ironically illiterate Redknapp?

  8. Indyfan says:

    Get over it. Move on.

  9. pablo says:

    pablo knows that Villas-B cannot sign new contract till July 1.

    pablo knows this.

  10. AEBSPURS says:

    This story is very bias towards redknapp.
    How do you or anyone else know what has been going on behind the scenes, Once the new Manager has been announced there could be a raft of other announcements about players taht have agreed to sign, all could be done with the full backing of the new man so either put up or shut up if you have up to date information, even Ajax manager has come out and said that the Vertogen transfer will happen soon others will follow and Sigurdsson will be next by all accounts.

  11. Davros says:

    Christ, let it go Redknapp. Move on old chap, we all have.

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