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Tottenham may get Real midfielder in swap

Sahin tipped to facilitate Modric transfer

By | 28th June 2012

Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin reportedly holds the key in Luka Modric’s potential transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid, with the Turkish starlet rumored to be used along with £30 million in exchange for the Croatia international.

Sahin, 23, enjoyed a strong rise to prominence at Borussia Dortmund and his Bundesliga career culminated with a 2010-11 title win in Germany.

However, his subsequent transfer to Madrid has not worked out well, with injuries restricting him to merely 10 appearances across all competitions.

To his credit, Sahin did make an impression when he did step on the pitch, scoring once and assisting on another goal during his brief first-year stint.

Nevertheless, the defending La Liga champions have shown an increasing interest in the services of Modric in recent days and are now reportedly willing to part ways with Sahin’s six-year contract to secure the 26-year old Croatian star.

In addition to Sahin’s potential signing, other deals that the Spurs are aiming to close in the coming days include the transfer of Icelandic midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson and Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen.

With chairman Daniel Levy also reportedly close to unveiling former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boasas the club’s new manager, a permanent switch may also be secured for Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Yesterday, Tottenham also announced the signing of a four-year extension with Welsh star Gareth Bale, who is poised to become the face of the franchise, particularly after Modric completes his protracted move away from North London.

Reader Comments

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  1. thecoys says:

    I hope so he looked pretty sharp when he was with dortmund,and the last benchwarmer we bought from Real was van der vaart,could be deja vu all over again

  2. Ray says:

    Rubbish pure and simple. Source the Daily Fail, what a joke.

  3. glad to see the back of him pity we ever bothered with him still the money comes in handy

  4. Ray says:

    All this bullshit is coming from that well known tap up Spanish paper Marca, aided and abetted by the Daily Fail so called newspaper who had a flee in their ear last Summer when they tried their best to sell Modric to Chelsea. We all know what happened then dont we. Suprisingly, no comment from the most important person in this phantom transfer, one Daniel Levy. Daniel Levy and Spurs are under no pressure whats so ever to sell Modric who incidently still has 4 years remaining on his current contract and I wont bet against him telling Modric, his agent and any other club what they can do and banishing Modric to the subs bench for the remainder of his contract. The papers can say what ever they like but they do not run Spurs and know sweet FA of whats going on within the club.

  5. Catcher says:

    Please not Ade, love him dearly but he is just not good enough, Leandro all day long

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