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Spurs candidate drops another hint

AVB commits to staying in club football for the foreseeable future

By | 28th June 2012

As Andre Villas-Boas moves closer to being unveiled as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager, the club’s faithful continue to check periodically to see whether there is a confirmation regarding his arrival.

While AVB recently cooled down reports confirming his as the Spurs’ replacement for Harry Redknapp, all signs point to his selection being nearly completed by chairman Daniel Levy.

The latest of such signs came when he followed up his reported refusal to manage in Brazil and Italy by also distancing himself from links to the Portuguese national team.

In a recent chat with European football fans via Twitter on UEFA’s official website, the former Chelsea boss announced that he is only interested in managing at a club for now.

“I get more excitement out of club activity and day-to-day coaching. It is not part of my ambitions but it is something that one day can happen and with the right set-up and project you can go on to do something special,” Villas-Boas was quoted.

He added: “At the moment, it is not part of my future career plans.”

The Spurs will reportedly offer Villas-Boas with a three-year contract that will mirror the structure of the project he was handed at Chelsea last summer.

Levy has already tied down superstar Gareth Bale to a new four-year contract and AVB is likely going to be allowed three years to build a title contender around the sensational Welshman.

Given the rapid nature of negotiations between the two parties, it also seems very likely that Villas-Boas will be present on the touchline when the Spurs kick-off their preseason preparations in style with a tour of the United States.

Reader Comments

The below views are those of our readers and do not reflect the opinions of Premiership Talk or its employees.
  1. randy says:

    To see and hear all you spuds quarrel among each other goes to show why you all support that pathetic excuse of a club called spurs, you guys are all over shop and so is your club lol. haha!!!!! See you on derby day. Arsenal until I die!!!!

  2. steve says:

    I am a spurs fan, ive been a fan since the days of hoddle, before spurs changed football in this country by bringing in ardiles. I say again I am a SPURS fan, it doesnt matter who owns them, manages them, plays for them or hoovers the carpet in the bill nick suite, because none of them matter because they will all come and go and my heart will not change

  3. OldSpur says:

    So AVB found it tough at Chesea because he had to do what Abramovic told him to do.
    And working for Dan Levy at Tottenham will be different because …?
    One good season in one crap League aren;t credentials for a Tottenham manager. Blanc and Deschamps far better bets.

  4. Twigger says:

    Some fans do my headin. You must give the guy a chance(AVB). If he does get the job and levy gives him a decent transfer budget, they who knows how well he will do. We have plenty of deadwood to get rid of to increase the budget to spend. I can see about 6 or 7 new signings coming in and a lot going out.

    • Peter4Spurs says:

      Don’t u get it, True Spurs fans with a brain dont want the Chelski reject … He knew how life was under the Ruskie as he worked for him once before but was foolish to go back, show lack of ability to judge – he will relegate us to also rans … WE TRUE FANS DONT WANT HIM

      • SpursMan says:

        I’m sorry, Peter, I didn’t realise that my status as a Spurs fan relied on which manager we had.

        Here was I thinking that being a Spurs fan meant backing the manager whoever he happened to be.

        Thankfully you were here to put me right. I now realise that I have to support the correct manager to be considered a TRUE fan.

  5. davros says:

    harry got us as far as he could eg chelsea 5 spurs 1 arsenal 5 spurs 2 i rest my face coys

  6. dj says:

    lets face it whoever takes over will need time. they need to bring in there own players and build the team they way they want it. i cant see us going for top four for at least two seasons as the new manager will have to get rid of dead wood. lets face it hr was all for the quick fix. he got in the old players 30 plus the ones that had been there done it and he wouldnt need to do anything other than put his arm round them and give them a bit of love.he was a brilliant at getting the best out of players but had no clue when it come to tactics, rotation, youth development. he has done a brilliant job with spurs but has took us as far as he could. i belive in levey, he has the clubs best intrest at heart. just need to get the new manager in as well as the managers players and we will see from there.

  7. alan says:

    I see my earlier comment recieved the views i expected, just a handful of deluded clowns who will put up with anything. How many spurs fans can really be enthused by such a shocking piece of managment.
    By the way i been a spurs supporter over 40 years also clown and was quite happy with redknapp and it was only a pure fluke we are not in Champs league, watch what happens or have you all got the same short memory. Gross and Ramos cannot believe you idiots who commented want another clown in charge. My thought be careful what you wish for…

    • Dazran says:

      We put up with anything because we r spurs thru and thru u not ship jumpers , y don’t u go and support chelsea as they won a cup maybe u can be happy with there style of play

      • U R A FECKLESS KNOB says:

        You are a blinkered fool my stupid illiterate friend… If Levy says all Spurs fans should jump off a bridge, no doubt you would follow. Imbecile. We need to go forwards with a top experienced coach a la Capello or Van Gaal not a Chelski reject who has only ever had 1 good season with a team he didn’t put together himself. Perhaps you should go support Chelsea as we certainly don’t need your sort down at the Lane.

        • Mark Deacon says:

          Brian Clough failed at Leeds due to player power. He didn’t do too badly at Derby before or Nottingham Forest afterwards. FC Porto – Chelsea – Tottenham… player power….It’s idiotic to point to failure at Chelsea and use that as proof AVB will fail at Spurs. In business we recognise the benefits of failure – you can learn more from failure than success. Many successful businessmen have had numerous failures before hitting gold. So give AVB a chance. After all, he has won more in his career than Harry, not that I’m knocking Harry.

        • Dazran says:

          Only one knob here mate and it’s you, at what point did I say I want AVB. I am not a levy lover but a spurs lover and what apparently I’m illiterate for accidentally pressing a u button without realising it. It should say we need to go forward so maybe you are illiterate as well

  8. Edward says:

    What a joke, I really can yell you I am 53 years old and supported Spurs all my life if AVB is appointed I will guit football until he is sacked or removed this is a joke appointment, in D Levy I did so trust he is about to ruin my love affair with Spurs

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      Chillax. He’s not even confirmed yet, and if he is, he will have to be given a chance. Like a girl you still can’t take your eyes off, Spurs are difficult to ignore. The chemistry of an appointment is massive, random and very significant. What works in the south may not up north… You cannae play a high-line with Cheatskies fogey defence. Ours is taylor-made for it, to the point of it being our only way, even. Naive he is, as you’d expect from a young non-playing wannabe, but if he has the players behind him he has potential. I wonder if he’s too rigid to have a plan b, or may be found out soon, but that’s just wondering. Who’s followed him? I haven’t, and don’t know the finer points or answers to these questions. I guess most of us won’t. You have to Big Brother people to know these things. Levy’s doing that. He’s a clever guy. Gets better and better, face it. From GG and GH to Jol and trophy-winning Ramos to Red ‘I’ll take you close to orgasm then pull me sack out and take a’ knapp. Have faith.

  9. Big ja says:

    To that person ( can not be botherd to remember it name ) who said he would support untd or city up north there a more clubs than them 2 you glory hunting arse no real spurs fan would ever say such crap I live up north have wife 4 kids do an average job go and see spurs as much as I can even if They were in the championship ( never happen )
    Regarding AVB if we get him we should give him time we should look on the good things bale signed new deal

  10. NAMTSAERB says:

    It was obvious to everybody that the dressing room mafia led by Terry and Drogba totally undermined AVB.It was not in their interest to accept the changes that Abramovich wanted.So they sabotaged his efforts to effect the changes.Watching Terry and Drogba on the touch line when they were injured while Di Mateo has been in charge is on no doubt who pulls the strings at Cheatski.

  11. RhinoNeal says:

    I’m pretty sure Daniel Levy would have asked AVB what went wrong at Chelsea even though it was plain for everyone to see. Abramovic only brought AVB in to do his dirty work to get rid of older, big ego players but didn’t back him, just made him the scape goat. I am pretty sure he will do well at Spurs but if he don’t then we start again. Really it is in AVB’s hands to do well and I am sure he will get the backing he needs and won’t be anything like how it was at Chelski the land of the big ego.

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      TBH Roman and AVB were both wrong. They won the CL with those players. Any top manager, Fergie, Harry, Wenger if there would embrace those older experienced players ‘cos they can clearly still do a job, even with Di Matteo in charge. Wrong for England not to appoint Harry or take Rio to the Euro’s. People dismiss the oldies too soon. Long gone the days of looking elsewhere as someone nears thirty. Even 20yrs ago top players played until mid-30′s. Average players to early-30′s as the days youngsters were hot on their heels. Look at Fergies’ lot? Occasionally someone like Neville doesn’t last the pace but HE’S the exception these days. As for Chelsea, they’ve brought it on themselves. It’s bad enough you’re working with young millionaires anyway but Chelseas squad is like all the head-liners, all together, creating something that became even bigger than the club itself, lololol, which, if you know their ‘history’, isn’t so hard than an average bunch of paupers couldn’t achieve. Even so, can you BELIEVE they won it? :[

  12. Patrick musachi says:

    Am a blue fan i want to see boas again premier league, coz was good n great manager.

  13. Colin SC says:

    In my opinion we did as well as we did last year in spite of Rednapp. Who knows what we can do with a manager that understands tactics, set-piece play, team rotation and strategy. We have great players and have lost our major impediment.

  14. Gary says:

    AVB was found out by Chelsea, almost non-existant man management skills, forget all the excuses being offered up for having to contend with players withn big egos. All the top players have big ego’s and all he showed was that his lack of a footballing career marks him out as a lucky chancer, he doesn’t understand players and never will. Tactically he was also a disaster, he took some great players and made them average. Di matteo showed what was possible and did it, like their style of play or not, the coach got them to play as a team and built and used tactics to suit.

    AVB is a chancer, he is a disaster in front of the camera’s.

    We will now have two years of going backwards, AVB is a car wreck waiting to happen. Can’t believe that Levy is this stupid, but then I look back at his track record of appointments and apart from Harry, realise that he actually is that stupid and arrogant. He may know about business, but he knows nothing about football.

    Levy will once again turn us back into a laughing stock.

    • RhinoNeal says:

      You are talking absolute rubbish. The guy was bought in to do Abramovic’s dirty work but then kept his distance and never backed him leaving him to take the brunt of everything.

    • Harry's Longface says:

      Di Matteo sucked up to the ego’s in the Chelsea dressing room and that got results. He finished 6th in the PL,when AVB left they were 4th. We became a laughing stock when we lost 13 point lead in the run. Also Di Matteo got sacked at WBA. AVB will be OK at Spurs if he’s the one!

      • John says:

        Well said, someone on here with a bit of sense! And the fact that Jose Mourinho, one of the worlds top coaches, reccomended him to Chelsea and says he has a massive future in the game, counts for nothing because all the other people in here are world class managers too and know exactly what will happen and that our club will be ruined. I’m not too sure about him but he deserves a chance, he may be a disaster but he may be brilliant!! Give him a season, if it goes bad Guardiola in after his year out. :)

    • Ray says:

      Gary you are either a f**king idiot and know FA or a gooner or worse. Harry was the biggest chancer of them all and c**t to boot. Twats like you are just sad little boys, I bet you said the same about Harry joining us and will no doubt change your tune at some point.

    • dj says:

      the question is are you really harry redknapp? give the manager a chance. we are going back two years dont matter what manager you have coming in. you dont become a bad manager over night give him a chance and wait and c.

    • Connor says:

      Fair enough, under RDM their cup form improved but when AVB left, Chelsea were 4th whilst RDM ended the season with them in 6th.

      AVB can’t have done that bad a job either because he got them through the earlier rounds of the cups.

      Give the bloke a chance.

  15. I’ve got to confess that I’ve got mixed feelings about AVB. My son is a Chelsea fan (don’t ask…?) anyway, when AVB arrived he was beside himself and truth be known at the start of last season they played like, err well, Tottenham. Chelsea are so dysfunctional I think it’s as unrealistic to say that AVB suddenly became a bad manager any more than RDM suddenly became a good one. The Chelsea manager’s main role seems to be cutting up the oranges at half-time while the Oiks and the Oligarch pick the team. Tottenham is a different kind of project and AVB could just be a perfect feet for us.

    • dan shevlin says:

      I’m with you there bro’.But also Romans wanting everything at once the way he wants it and overnight was way too much too ask for from anyone.He wanted a Barcelona from AVB but ultimately got a very expensive Stoke from RDM lol. I think that the Chelsea loss will be a Tottenham gain.Straight away he is expected to win everything for the chavs whereas at Spurs he’ll just be expected to get us competing for it at first.One step at a time,but Roman doesn’t do that does he? COYS!

      • Totally. Here’s the thing, we’ve written the obitu-’Arry so let’s move on. I loved ‘Arry, but he was a bit of Lovejoy wasn’t he. I don’t think AVB will be a kill joy and I’d certainly fancy him in the transfer market. Welcome to WHL Daniel Sturridge…?

      • reno says:

        When Roman first bought Chelsea it was all about playing beautiful football, not just winning but winning with style and verve. As you put it Dan they’ve become a very expensive Stoke. Should we laugh or cry that the greatest club competition in the world was won with the most negative old school anti-football ever seen at this level? Also to the detriment of Spurs who lit the competition up last season with beautiful, fearless attacking football of the highest order and were also voted the most watchable and entertaining side in the premiership. A sad end to an amazing season.

  16. Des says:

    If you look at the make up of the chelsea squad you can see why AVB failed the first team there where all around the same age as the manager all arogant players with been there personalities no wonder he failed. With us we are a young squad that have no big ego’s so my personal opinion is im looking forward to flair and the tottenham way of playing.

  17. Alwyn says:

    Chelsea fans are windbags. If we as fans get behind or team and AVB, even if he is a bad manager. The team will repay us, at least he will rotate and i think that will be key, reddknap failed in that area. We have good young players returning from loans, they will be a success just like walker when he returned from loan. This is our season!

  18. richard foster says:

    lets hope his time at chelsea was a minor glitch and that he can replicate his success at porto whilst at spurs … league / league cup and europa league champions in his first season not to mention the portugese super cup 2 months after taking charge lets get behind who ever it is and make it work

  19. alan says:

    If we get villas boas thats me done, will be supporting city or united as i live up north. Cannot believe Levy would be so thick.

    • cam says:

      you’re a shit supporter then…

      • Colin SC says:

        Fairweather friend… I would still support Spurs if the tea lady took over .. I have supported them for over 40 years and rarely heard anything so pathetic?

      • Mark says:

        Beleive me you fair weather supporter when I say this. We don’t want or need so called supporters like you. Whoever is in charge we get behind. It sounds like you will fit right in with plastic fans the two Manchester teams have. Jog on! COYS!

    • richard foster says:

      if thats your attitude then your not much of a spurs fan i live up north and i have followed them through thick and thin since 1990 so called support like that is not needed but am sure city will enjoy your shirt money TOTTENHAM TILL I DIE

    • ianL says:

      if you support a team, you support them for life. Stop being a glory-hunter.I have more respect for someone who supports arsenal than someone who changes club…

    • Spursmartio says:

      You really need to apologise for this comment. Two things you never change your allegiance to are your mum and your football team!

    • dan shevlin says:

      F***** troll! P*** off

    • RobboRex says:

      You sir are a bad bad man and do not deserve to support the famous white shirt of Tottenham. Good luck you glory seeking idiot.

    • Dubai Yid says:

      You are a disgrace!! I have supported Spurs my whole life. I live abroad for over 6 years now and i still go home and travel abroad as and when we are playing, and as often as my wallet allows. Foster, you need putting down like the pathetic, teamless dog that you are!! COYS!!!!

    • Hotspurs says:

      Good riddens! Spurs will be much better off without arrogant know-nothings like you, who think they know best. Any Spurs supporter worth his salt will put his faith in what Levy believes is best for Spurs and not the views of someone with a knee-jerk mentality.

    • George says:

      Well said Alan.It’s been 50 odd years since a league title.Im afraid it’ll go on longer with AVB in charge.Time & time again we have seen a change of manager with the bosses and fans alike asking for time.How much f*cking more time do we honestly need.Middle east oil barons….We want you.

      • Simon says:

        Alan, you are an idiot. George, it sounds like you’re old enough to know better! We are a well run club who work within tight financial constraints. Until we have a 60k seater stadium & regular CL football we won’t have enough money to compete at the very top of the PL. We’re getting closer every year. If we can add 2 or 3 class players to this squad we’re consistent top 4 material. Whoever the next manager is, we need to back him. COYS

      • Tacomuncher says:

        George and Allen. We are much better off without you two. Good riddance and good luck as citeh, divided, chavs or whatever else team you chose to ‘support’. Am not a huge fan of bringing in a new manager, but never, ever would this make me disgrace myself the way you did.

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      No need to mention you’re from up north. I’d gathered that.

  20. Mike says:

    Up blues,it be will nice 2 see boas again as a totam coach next season.

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