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Arsenal building a global brand

Gazidis discusses expansion plans

By | 8th June 2012

Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis is committed to turning the club into a global powerhouse by focusing more on activities that are aimed at increasing the Gunners’ presence overseas.

The Gunners enjoy one of the strongest domestic fan-bases in English football but Gazidis is aware that there is significant untapped potential that the club needs to explore outside the United Kingdom.

After recently crediting all the the club’s supporters for forming a strong unified bond with the team during a difficult 2011-12 season that ended with a credible third-place finish, Gazidis elaborated with excitement on future plans regarding Arsenal’s brand development.

“One of the things we have to do as a club is become less reliant on our matchday revenue. As a big club, we are very reliant on the revenues we generate in the stadium, more so than any other big club,” Gazidis started off in a thorough conversation at Arsenal’s official website.

He continued: “That has really been the impetus and catalyst for what we do globally and how we develop ourselves around the world. We take advantage of the fact we have fans all around the world and we can connect with them.

“So you are seeing the Club go on international tours for the first time. That is a tremendous step forward and has been welcomed by our international fan base.

“Our partners are also welcoming that development. We are developing our commercial revenues and our commercial partnerships well ahead of our five-year plan.”

When asked how the current plans for global financial success off the field will impact the Gunners’ progress on it, Gazidis reiterated that the end goal is develop a team that can seriously compete for glory in all competitions.

“The reason we are doing all of this is to invest in what we have on the football side. We don’t take money out of the club, all of it is reinvested and as we develop our commercial revenues all of that money goes back in onto the pitch and enables us to compete at higher levels,” Gazidis explained.

“Arsenal Football Club has developed from one which certainly had a wonderful tradition and history, but we have an ambition to be one of the best clubs in the world.

“That is not an easy ambition to fulfil, particularly in a way that asserts your independence. We are not relying on anybody to do that for us, we are doing it on our own two feet and that is challenging.

“But when you look at the steps this club has taken throughout its history, they have always been forward-looking. Where we are aiming to be is at the very top table of clubs in the world. That is a journey in which we are still on because we are not where we want to be yet. But we are making progress,” he asserted.

Having secured automatic qualification for the UEFA Champions League next season, the Gunners have sufficient time to invest in their global branding this summer.

They are already set to visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Beijing in China, while also traveling to Nigeria for the two-fold purpose of entertaining their ardent African supporters as well as continuing pre-season preparations in the absence of the perennial Emirates Cup competition.

Reader Comments

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  1. Adesanwo emmanuel Tßoy says:

    Ll need 2 sign quality player at least 7 in other be compete with globa brand… Pls keep RVP 4 us!

  2. Streaky007 says:

    Kids wanna be like Christiano ronaldo, not Denilsen or bendtner!!!

  3. Streaky007 says:

    Then start spending money you chump and bring in the superstars that make children around the globe want to follow your football team!! The only reason arsenal are not a “global brand” is because they don’t win anything!! It’s that simple, how much money do these clowns get paid to miss the obvious??Please pay me 3 million a year or whatever this joker is on and I guarantee I won’t do a worse job

  4. Paul says:

    Even thought I am growing accustomed to being a non trophy fan- -which is an inherent problem with long term Arsenal support-i think the way out of this is drout is to compete as a global brand without sacrificing the buisness model that is in Place.

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