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Toffees next in line for take-over?

Moyes needs more investment to rejuvenate Everton

By | 1st December 2011

News of a takeover – any takeover – will be perceived very well by supporters of Everton.

Owner Bill Kenwright is a Blue through and through, but he simply does not have the funds to keep the club competing at the level it has previously under manager David Moyes, which has seen the Merseyside club not only lag behind their city rivals Liverpool in spending on new players, but also the rest of the Premier League.

In their current financial state, Everton’s once-realistic hopes of frequent European football and top-six finishes seem a thing of the past, even if their team spirit is strong thanks to key players like Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Tim Howard, and Tim Cahill who have shown loyalty to the club.

A new crop of stars including Ross Barkley, Seamus Coleman, and Jack Rodwell give hope for the future, but it remains to be seen if Everton can afford to hold onto these young prospects and ward off interest from bigger clubs, offering bigger salaries and a better chance to win trophies and play at the highest level.

In his column for the Mirror, Brian Reade states that “it would be foolish at this point for Moyes to tell Jack Rodwell to realize his dreams at Everton. He can’t.”

The men from the blue half of Merseyside enjoy massive support, with the Toffees’ faithful having a well-deserved reputation as some of the best supporters in England and Europe.

The club has consistently packed their home stadium, Goodison Park, and also travel well around the country. It would seem that a company like Venky’s, who have invested in Blackburn Rovers with the hopes of turning them into a major player on the world stage, would perhaps have been better off going after Everton instead. 

Recently, Kenwright has again reitarated his desire to find the club a benefactor, insisting he will sell to a responsible potential owner who will do what is best for the club.

With all of Qatar’s money being thrown around world football, he could do well to invite one of Sheikh Mansour’s wealthy colleagues to Goodison for a home match.

In theory, the club have everything needed to become the next Manchester City if supplied with huge sums of money. But who will save them from their current financial stagnation?

That will unfortunately fall to Kenwright. No one can deny his deep love for the club, and it is clear that he cares for their results just like most fans.

However, if he is to salvage any sort of success from his tenure at this point, he must find a new owner who can match the club’s ambitions with actual capital.

If Everton fail to bring in new cash flow, then their only option will be to offload their best players; Mikel Arteta’s sale to Arsenal makes it a bit more believable that the aforementioned key players could also move on, either because of wages, or due to the club’s desperate need for funds.

Reader Comments

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  1. Ken Cockles says:

    Great writing, financial times should sign you up.

  2. SUPA1878 says:

    Nothing we Toffees don’t already know but the rest of the nation need waking up to how Kenwright and the board are destroying the club. Most other teams supporters think he’s a good chairman, not the clown we know him to be and now the emails have proven to be true it smacks of the lunatics taking over the asylum.

  3. Jim says:

    Easy journalism, and misses the point that Arteta going created the opportunity for Rodwell – Rodwell couldn’t develop alongside a dominant player, and so he can only develop by staying for the forseeable future.

  4. michaelsummers says:

    Typical.kopite stating the obvious.gobshite

  5. Eamo says:

    Seriously this article is a load of tripe.

  6. Gaz says:

    What on earth has the title got to do with the rehashed garbage underneath it?

  7. EJ Ruanee says:

    So the point of that piece containing nothing but the bleeding obvious was…what?

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