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Blues ace still on top of his game

No MLS for Lamps just yet

By | 14th November 2011

Following his match-winning header in England’s 1-0 triumph over Spain, various news outlets have linked Frank Lampard with the LA Galaxy.

The American side, currently in the MLS Cup Final with help from former Premier League stars David Beckham and Robbie Keane, are looking for another star to keep their global profile high, and the England and Chelsea star fits the bill.

But as Lampard himself has stated, he still has a lot left to give to Chelsea at the highest level; despite not being an automatic starter under Andre Villas-Boas, the 33-year old has still looked every bit the creative playmaker that has made him so instrumental in the Blues’ success over the years.

For all its recent advancements, Major League Soccer is still viewed as more of a semi-retirement league, where stars like Henry, Keane, Beckham, and Torsten Frings go because they can command roles that they were able to in their prime back in Europe.

The reality is that David Beckham or Thierry Henry cannot dominate a Premier League match anymore in the way they used to, and by coming to the Unites States they not only assume leadership roles, but they also accumulate better statistics and perhaps even get better salaries.

However, Lampard’s case is totally different. This season, he has thrived for Chelsea, and has shown why he still has a lot left to give in the English top flight and also internationally for the Three Lions.

In 10 league starts, the midfielder has scored six goals and assisted on another four, with a further goal and assist in the Champions League.

True, he may no longer be in his prime, but it is clear that Villas-Boas cannot really afford to lose a player of his stature at this point.

Besides, watching Lampard compete against the likes of FC Dallas and the Vancouver Whitecaps in the near future would be quite unfair, not to mention an inadequate use of his capabilities.

Whatever you may believe about England’s victory over Spain, and what it says about the merits of Fabio Capello’s side, the reality is that Frank Lampard is the first player in some time to force a defeat on the world champions.

Of course, he didn’t do it all by himself, but his exemplary leadership in challenging circumstances does bring attention to a strong year he has had for the Three Lions.

In 2011, he notched three goals in just seven appearances and played a pivotal role in England’s first-place finish to guarantee a spot at Euro 2012.

He has amassed 90 caps for his country, with 23 goals, and could reach the century mark in fairy-tale fashion in Poland and Ukraine, depending on the number of friendlies played before the tournament, and of course England’s success.

All said and done, the Romford native remains one of the best players of his generation, and with one eye firmly on the Champions League trophy that continues to elude his decorated list of accolades, it seems it will be a few years yet before he moves stateside.

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  1. Georgie Best says:

    Chelsea will never challenge for anything as long as John Terry is around. Let’s hope that clumsy oaf hangs around for another 10 years.

  2. Liam says:

    Lampard is a Rolls Royce of a player.The top goalscoring central midfielder ever in the Premiership.Legend.

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