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What the ‘Beckham effect’ can do for PSG

French giants relish Becks deal

By | 31st October 2011

In light of the recent economic and fiscal policies that have been employed in Europe to stop the massive financial crisis, there is no time like the present to be reminded how much business affects the football world.

Manchester City’s endless flow of capital has given them the ability to buy the best products, and chase the success every club desires, bringing glory to the club and its supporters, and higher profits which can be spent as self-generated revenue.

David Beckham is known not only as one of the most accomplished and successful footballers of his generation, but also the first player whose name became a globalized brand, a product of his massive popularity and   a rise in multimedia technology at the turn of the century.

Perhaps no sports star has had his life chronicled in the public eye quite as much as the English winger, who has turned out for United, Real Madrid, Milan, and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Whether or not his shock move to America may end up being viewed as a worthwhile endeavor or not is a matter for one’s own mind. And with his contract expiring at the end of this MLS season, which is fast approaching, speculation has been rife about where Becks will end up next.

At 36 he surely is not the player once capable of dominating Champions League matches as he was with Manchester United, but he may still be able to contribute at a high level. Newly-rich PSG have made their wish to have Beckham in the French capital public, and from all angles the move seems like a good choice for both player and club.

The Qatar Investment Authority is in essence a group who seek profitable ways to invest the government’s surplus funds from natural resources.

They have purchased large percentages in other notable companies like Miramax, Sainsbury’s, Volkswagen, and even the London Stock Exchange.

Their purchase of a 70% controlling stake in PSG is rooted in their desire to bring the Parisian side back to the elite of Europe’s club teams, the dominant team not only in France but also one capable of challenging for the Champions League on a regular basis.

Their recent wealth has seen them bring in a slew of influential young stars, including Javier Pastore, who turned down Chelsea in favor of the Parc des Princes, and French hit man Kevin Gameiro, whose success at Lorient has seen him become a regular for the national team. And the fruits of their labor seem to be ripening quickly.

They currently sit atop the Ligue 1 table by three points after 12 matches, and have lost just once. Last season’s 4th place finish guaranteed a spot in the Europa League play-off round, from which they progressed to the group stage.

They currently lie second in a group containing Athletic Bilbao, Red Bull Salzburg, and Slovan Bratislava, and could be a good bet to top the group. At the very least, they should progress, and are one of the better-equipped sides to potentially win the tournament.

The current interval of PSG’s growth into a super-club in is one perfect for Beckham’s addition.

Despite jibes about the quality of MLS football, which is far inferior to that on offer in Ligue 1, the fact remains that Beckham showed timeless quality during his loan spells at the San Siro, and Harry Redknapp was so impressed with his training and fitness over last winter that he wanted to take the former United icon on loan at White Hart Lane.

On the pitch, Beckham may not be what he once was; but his field vision has improved as he has aged, and his ability to play a perfect ball on the air or on the ground from almost any situation remains intact.

Beckham is still a big threat from set pieces, and could do well with squad rotation, offering energy and enthusiasm in the Europa League and the French Cup.

With Beckham at the club, more high-profile players could be tempted to join the revolution a la Tevez’s effect at Manchester City.

Beckham is a legend of the game, and a popular figure among most players- his positive appraisal of MLS life convinced Robbie Keane to join him in Los Angeles, and started the trend for players like Thierry Henry and Torsten Frings to spend the end of their career stateside.

And as for the Beckham’s effect on PSG’s profit, the benefits are numerous. As seen with his moves to Real Madrid and the Galaxy, shirt sales always rise when the Londoner joins a new club, and Beckham PSG shirts would be no different.

Les Parisiens are clearly a big deal in the capital and in France, but Beckham’s presence would mean even a forgettable Europa League tie, or routine French Cup match, would have increased attendance and coverage, especially good for a side that has been so successful this season.

His stated desire to play in the 2012 Olympics would also give the club an ambassador at one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

With Beckham at PSG, not only could he help the club achieve success, but this success would also be more visible globally and more profitable for the club.

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