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Gunners chairman reveals buying strategy

By | 28th January 2011

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed that the club’s strategy in the January transfer market is no different than it has been in the past. That is, no new faces would be arriving at the club merely because the supporters and the media want that to be the case.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the 74-year old Hill-Wood reflected on learning from poor financial decisions in the distant past and insisted that it was more important for the club to build naturally over the course of time rather than panic buy in the search for silverware.

“It is important for me and the board to not lose our nerve when the media and the fans are all screaming. We’ve had some tough years. Once, in the mid-1980s, I was smuggled out of Highbury, lying in the back of the car,” Hill-Wood stated.

He added: “These days the bar has been raised, but I’m surprised people keep saying Arsenal haven’t won anything for five years. Liverpool haven’t won the league for 20 years and I remember when they were in the old Second Division and Manchester United were in the old Second Division.

“I think the boys and girls who support us are very lucky. This season we are still in all competitions and second in the league, so we’re not that bloody bad,” he asserted emphatically.

Hill-Wood also took a swipe at his counterparts from Chelsea and Manchester City, expressing his disagreement with the way those teams invested heavily in a squad of established stars.

“I don’t believe in the way Chelsea and Manchester City have achieved whatever they have achieved. It is so much more satisfying to build something – to get boys of 15 to 18 and see them develop sufficiently well to win the Premier League or other trophies – rather than sitting there and saying, ‘I want to buy the best striker in the world and I don’t care what it costs’.

“A, it is not something we could possibly do and B, even if we could, I wouldn’t want to do it,” he elaborated.

While the Gunners won’t be playing either the Blues or the Citizens again in the Premier League this season, both of those teams will have a major say in whether or not Arsene Wenger’s men can go on to reclaim the title they last won in 2003-04 after going unbeaten.

Reader Comments

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  1. JJ Pittman says:

    Evidently, the board and Wenger all feel that we are covered at centerback. Now that Squillaci is fit, let us hope they are right. TV5 will most likely miss the entire campaign, so we have only 3 for 2 positions. Yes, Song can play cb, but he is much too valuable and irreplaceable at holding mf.

  2. ctwovaat says:

    One of the best things about Arsenal is its board — atleast they believe in custodianship of the club and not one of those fly-by-night operators .. THese guys live and breathe arsenal and fight tooth and nail to keep the arsenal flag flying high

  3. Sean says:

    PHW is an embarrasment to Arsenal FC.He knows nothing about what is going on at the club yet he still spouts his drivel….

    • Paul Daniels says:

      sean i think you’re a moron,cos how can accuse an ARSENAL chairman of knowing nothing yet he and the board plus wenger have succeeded in almost paying for all our debts.

      • Srinath says:

        @Sean, if u were a gooner, why would u be so upset with PHW anyway? No matter what ‘drivel’ he spouts, its worth its weight in gold. He’s employed and backed Arsene through lean times like no other.. Without PHW, DD and others on its board there’d be no legend of Arsenal or Arsene today!

    • Shagx says:

      Haha! That’s funny! So PHW knows nothing about Arsenal and you do? So tell me Mr. CEO, how are everything going at Arsenal? Who are you negotiating to bring in at the moment?
      Stupid idiot!

    • Alex says:

      Sean, i think you need to think before you speak, you will see at the end of the season why phw knows excactly what he is talking about. Do, Buy and Play football the way it is supposed to be! Love arsenal forever!!!

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