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Potters defender hits back at ‘rugby’ claims

Stoke captain wants Mr. Wenger to mind his own business.

By | 6th September 2010

Ryan Shawcross has reacted furiously to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s claims that along with defensive partner Robert Huth, he had physically ambushed Tottenham’s Gomes akin to a rugby tackle in order to help Stoke City find an equalizer in a recent Premier League match.

Although Wenger’s comments against a team that was playing the Gunners’ bitter city rivals Spurs come across as a surprise, Shawcross is convinced that Wenger has held a grudge against him ever since his late challenge unintentionally left Aaron Ramsey with a broken leg last season.

The new Potters skipper was visibly distraught after that incident and remained apologetic particularly when he found out the extent of Ramsey’s injury. Therefore, he is still somewhat open to Wenger’s criticism whenever his team faces Arsenal but when a game doesn’t involve the Gunners, he insists that the Frenchman is better off keeping quiet.

“I don’t mind people having their opinions, but if it’s not a game involving his players then I don’t see the point of bringing up me and Huthy,” Shawcross said while speaking to the Stoke Sentinel.

He added: “I have watched the video again and at no point did I go anywhere near Gomes. I didn’t think I had, but I didn’t want to say I hadn’t touched him before looking at the whole video to make sure.”

Shawcross, who also merited a selection as an unused substitute in England’s matchday squad for a friendly against Egypt only days after his infamous tackle against Ramsey, went on to suggest that Wenger’s allegations are made worse by the fact that they are false and insensitive.

“He (Wenger) has obviously got something against me. It’s just weird he brings my name into it. He always seems to have a problem with Stoke, our manager and certain players,” the 22-year old asserted.

“Criticism doesn’t bother me, unless it’s a false accusation like this one. It’s just disappointing he came out and said something that wasn’t needed. He could have said there was a problem week-in, week-out in the Premier League, but he shouldn’t have named individuals,” he concluded.

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