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Liverpool striker flattered by Inter link

By | 29th June 2010

Fernando Torres has revealed that he is flattered by rumors linking him with a move to Inter Milan. The Liverpool striker has been linked with an Anfield exit since manager Rafa Benitez left for the San Siro in the close season, and with uncertainties surrounding the Europa League outfit there could be some big changes at the club.

“It is always wonderful to be linked with big clubs. I can’t help but be pleased and flattered,” said the Spanish striker.

“It seems to me fairly normal that the big clubs should be interested in the top players of sides who are struggling.

“For example, Liverpool are out of the Champions League, while Valencia are in a terrible economic situation.

“Aside from rumors, as far as I know there’s nothing concrete.”

Liverpool fans have already seen changes around Anfield as midfielder Yossi Benayoun has moved on to Chelsea. The winger enjoyed three seasons at Liverpool but saw the club accept a big money offer for him from Chelsea.

Torres is also a known admirer of new Inter Milan boss Rafa Benitez, stressing his value to former club Liverpool.

“He won everything, and last year they demanded too much from him,” said Torres on Benitez’s departure.

Reader Comments

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  1. Garfield says:

    Can't agree with selling our best players unless they openly request to move, like many of us, i don't think we will even see a fraction of the money being poured back to the transfer funds! imagine selling Torres and Javier to 'ease' our debts (in actual fact, i think it will just line the pockets of the 2 american dung bugs). Losing the stars with no replacement will be a bad move. In any case, who can we say safely is capable of replacing these stars (and is willingly to come and fight our causes?).

    Having said that, i will have no quelms about saying adios to players who wants to go, no matter what a star he is…

    We will never walk alone!

  2. Emil Haughom says:

    The transfer window opened on June 1st, 2010. Man.U. has already bought a player from Mexico, City has bought a player (can't remember who). LFC have also signed a young player from Charlton, and Barcleona has already bought David Villa from Valencia, just to mention a few.

  3. red4life says:

    Open your eyes people.. Even if Torres was sold do you really think that the manager, who ever he might be, will see more then a small amount of that money? As for Torres wanting to go to Inter, dont know. But I couldn´t blame him in these circumstances. I am also sure that he wouldnt mind joining up with Rafa. A manager who took a chance on him when no other top manager dared to and turned him from a good player with potential to one of the best strikers in the world.

  4. Huw says:

    What a load of rubbish, he wouldnt be flattered being linked with inter? why would he, the same manager that bought him to liverpool is now at inter. I have given up with torres, he obviously doesnt care about liverpool as much as he says he does otherwise he wouldnt keep playing these games, same as mascherano. They need to speak up now, if their heart isn't in the club then they can **** off in my opinion. Think how many good players we could buy with the money, plus torres is injury prown, we need someone who is strong at fit. Also benayoun hasn't moved to chelsea. This source is laughable

  5. Adding to that, just because the window isn't open doesn't mean a player hasn't moved on (it just means it will take effect on July 1). See the di Maria to Real Madrid transfer for an example.

  6. To clarify, nearly all news sources have reported that the Benayoun deal is final. ESPN's report here:

  7. Jay says:

    Rafa did not win everything at Liverpool – all that was demanded of him was a title challenge and instead he led one of the most boring teams in the league to 7th…

  8. L22Red says:

    Question…. How can Benayoun have moved to Chelsea when the transfer isn't even open yet.

    Add to that the statement made by Puslow syaing there would be no player sales until the new manager has been appointed, sort of makes a mockery of your blog Bri.

  9. pad says:

    Yossi has not moved to chelsea ….yet

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