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Stevie G over Lamps = huge mistake

By | 11th June 2010

It is a debate that has existed for years and today, it must start all over again. This time, though, Frank Lampard fans shouldn’t be the ones pleading to be heard; in fact, they should be the ones in the driving seat when it comes to tearing apart Fabio Capello’s decision to hand the England captaincy to Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard. What is it exactly that makes Gerrard a better contender to lead the Three Lions in South Africa?

In the past, Gerrard’s proponents have pointed out that he has been the captain of his club all these years. This year, the problem with that argument is that Stevie G’s Reds finished in seventh place in the Premier League. The England fans surely don’t want to see their team end the World Cup 2010 the way Liverpool ended their 2009-10 season. More importantly, Fabio Capello surely doesn’t want to end up suffering the way Rafa Benitez did towards the end of his tenure at Anfield.

Then why, I ask, is Gerrard chosen as the England captain when Lampard – his ever-present counterpart at Chelsea – seems to be in a much better position to wear the captain’s armband? Ever since the 2006 World Cup, Lampard’s critics have accused him of underachieving  in an England shirt, but then again, Super Frank’s under-achievements do not result in a glorified England career for Gerrard either. If anything, both men have struggled equally over the years when it comes to carrying their sensational club form to the international stage.

Unfortunately, Lampard has had to shoulder most of the blame for a reason that remains unknown. Or maybe that reason is not as unfamiliar as it seems in hindsight. Perhaps the talismanic Chelsea star gets more of the flak because he excels more than Gerrard does in the Premier League. The Liverpool skipper has surely stolen the headlines a few times every year for his inspirational performances in the famous red shirt but at the end of each season, he seldom has anything to show for his efforts.

Lampard, on the other hand, consistently scores more than twenty goals from the midfield and each one of those goals has meant something to the plethora of titles his team has won. Besides goals, he has also inspired his team in other ways, which include spot-on assists as well excellent leadership in the dressing room. He may not be the skipper of the Stamford Bridge outfit but in many ways, he has proven to be a lot more successful as a leader than Gerrard has. I have always wished that he gets an opportunity to prove this to the entire world.

This summer was an excellent chance after his club teammate John Terry was relieved of his duties as the England captain and Rio Ferdinand succumbed to injury. Although Terry deserved punishment for betraying the trust of his teammate Wayne Bridge, he should have retained the captaincy when the Manchester City left-back declined the invitation to travel to South Africa. But as we all know, the Blues defender never got his armband back and it was given to Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand instead. This decision prevented the Gerrard versus Lampard debate from re-emerging.

As soon as Ferdinand’s injury problems forced him to miss the showpiece event this summer, however, the captaincy decision came down to two experienced midfielders. Capello made his decision without any hesitancy and as it turns out, the decision to hand the captaincy to Gerrard could prove to be a lot more costly than leaving behind some extremely worthy contenders for the England squad. The caliber of Frank Lampard has been overlooked again and only time will reveal the consequences.

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Reader Comments

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  1. SM says:

    Stevie G and Lamps are world class- i don't think it would make any difference who has the armband.

    And anyway, Ferdinand will be back soon.

  2. Spanish WC champs says:

    I love the defense of Steven G and shots at Lampard but the England fans. The fact the debate on which average midfielder is the best and running your country men down is fantastic and why we will win. The interesting part is that I had to look at some history and in 2006 you guys were debating who was better then between the two and it was all Gerrard. Stats showed Lampard in the article but hands down it was Gerrard in the wee little English minds. the argument was Lampard's stats are better but Gerrard comes through in the clutch.So I researched more and guess what…Since that article Lampard has scored 88 goals, Gerrard 68. Chelsea have one 1 Premiership,3 FA Cups, League Cup and Community Shield. Liverpool nothing and if Gerrard really did come through in big games as he has the reputation of doing then there would have been a trophy since 2006 and Rafa would still be coach.

    Lampard more goals, more assists, higher pass accuracy, more wins and more trophies.

    You keep arguing about your best players get it wrong and will go another 40 years without a World Cup

    • Ali says:

      In total agreement.

    • Garry says:

      Another clueless Chelsea fan I suspect! Judging from his name, possibly a glory supporter, one that supports every winning team in every league..I support the team that wins..deerrr.

      I know!!! Why don't you choose an even better date …say 1st May 2010. Chelsea have won more competitions than Liverpool since this date and so Lampard is the best…what a brainless response!

      I agree, Chelsea have probably been the best team (Man utd fans may argue) in Engalnd for the past 7 years, albeit this has also been the same time in which a billioniarre bought the club for a £1 and spent hundreds of millions on new players, these player's probably didn't even know Chelsea exsited until they saw the £££££;s! Had this Billiionaire spent his money on Accrington Stanley (who are they!! I hear you all cry)they would have probably won 1 Premiership,3 FA Cups, League Cup and Community Shield since 2006. Chelsea have bought success, they have no history, no soul!

      I believe once Man Utd and Liverpool shed there American oweners and are able to compete financially with Chavski and Man City, I'm afriad Chelsea's success will be limited once again!! Enjoy the glory now….every dog has it's day!

      Now back to the reason for this debate…I would suspect that a large majority of true 'know what they are talking about football' fans (not Chelsea Fans) would agree that Gerrard has the better attributes to lead his country. Lampard is a good player, for his club! But he has not yet delivered in an England Shirt!

      As an England supporter I hope both him Gerrard and the rest of lads, perform to the level we all know they can!

      Come on make us believe!!

      • Spanish WC says:


        So worried who I cheer for, actually truth is I do not like Chelsea or Man City or Barca. I pick Spain as I am Spanish which means my teeth are straight unlike yours. As for prem league I cheer for Liverpool, which in the last 5 years we have spent more on transfers then Chelsea but you like most want to find another excuse why we have not won. The owners, the money. One goal and Gerrard has come through for his country. I laugh as both of Lampard and Gerrard have not shown up for country and I am pretty sure Carrigher could have scored the goal that Hemskie gifted Gerrard on Saturday. However Gerrard kept gifting the ball to the US and was the worst defensive player on the pitch, Lampard mean while sending balls over the net and tripping in front of goal.

        You missed and made my point however and thank you as you spent the time again arguing club and player while I hate Barca and Real with a passion as I am an Atlético fan but during this all Spanish players are excellent and our team is better

        España va a ganar, England no hará la final

        • Spanish WC says:

          Oh I picked this date 2006 as it was the article date and about the last World Cup.

          I know most people would see the relevance but for you I shall point out the obvious.

          When you ask where I got the spending it was Sky Sports.Although it was last three years not five…sorry. Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool were top spenders. Think Keane, Aquilani, Johnson, Torres, Benayoun, Babel and Skrtl. It all adds up.

          I think Chelsea stopped spending by the embarrassment (although hilarious) of Shevchenko

  3. scouter says:

    Hey,how old are you anyways? If you start watching football since last year,youre just wasting your precious time writing this.

    Firstly,lampard is a vice-captain in his club,tho he was inspirational last season,scores lot of goals,but a few seasons back,he was like stevie from previous season's form ,so yea,each players have their ups and downs,but regarding to last season BPL, John Terry should b given the credit because he's the captain.

    Secondly,stevie born as captain,he fought til the end,did you watch season 08/09*cos i assume you start watchng footbal last season*,he was the one who had shown the meaning of true captain,dont let me start on the miracolous CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL.

    Finally,capello,had decided to make steavie as vice captain,so when,the captain injured,he must be the captain and TRY TO LEAD THE LIONS!

    • Zain Alvi says:

      I can't help but ask you to read what you just wrote. Being a long-time fan of the sport, I don't even bother to respond to the generic frustrated response of "how old are you and did you start watching football last year?" But speaking of that question, you might be better off asking yourself that because all your statements are as subjective as they can get. Gerrard inspired Liverpool in the 05 CL Final but in the last 5 years, what happened to that inspiration? The previous season, Liverpool still lost the title so almost doesn't count; I am sure England fans will feel great when the team ALMOST wins the WC, right? As some people are bringing up, Lampard scored the only Chelsea goal in the CL final of 08 and also converted his penalty, doing everything on his part to help his team. It was not in his control that JT had an unfortunate slip at the penalty spot. Ever since that day, Stevie G hasn't won a thing while Lamps has won personal accolades along with a league title and 2 FA Cups. These are just facts that I am presenting to you to let you know why Lampard's credentials speak louder than Gerrard's.

  4. Zain Alvi says:

    There have been quite a few points raised so allow me to tackle them one at a time.

    (1) For starters, I have been called a biased Chelsea fan for writing this article but let me just throw it out there that as a life-long Gooner, I can't stand Chelsea either. If anything, that makes me more objective than all of Gerrard's Liverpool advocates over here.

    (2) Another thing that has bothered me is that I have been criticized for not realizing that Gerrard assumed the captaincy simply due to being the vice captain. As someone who lives for football, I obviously know that much as my bread and butter. The whole purpose behind this article is to criticize choosing Gerrard over Lampard in the hierarchy. Granted that Stevie G has greater club captaincy experience but then again, who has ever given Lampard a chance to prove his mettle?

    (3) Last, but not least, to those who accused me of basing my support for Lampard due to merely his excellent goal-scoring record, think again! If you bothered to read that entire paragraph where I praised Super Frank, I clearly mention his leadership qualities separately from his goal-scoring record so it's a shame that many of you chose to overlook that.

    All said and done, I love England and really don't mind who goes up to lift that trophy. It's just that with Gerrard as the captain, I doubt that will be happening.

  5. steve says:

    Silly arguement, with so many dumb comments you would think this was an based on an interview with Arsene Wenger.

    Neither Lampard or Gerard are the best midfielders in the world. Both sets of fans are just biased. Whilst Lampard lacks Gerards flair, Gerard lacks Lampards discipline and team ethic. The fact that the debate is betwen these two just shows how lacking we are in this department after Terry.

  6. Matt says:

    Zains an Arsenal fan

  7. Mark russell says:

    It wasn't a decision….The choice was already made…Stevie G was already the vice captain, so he was simply made captain when ferdinand was injured' and Lampard made vice-captain (although they shouda just given it back to Terry!)

  8. Lee says:

    It's quite simple….

    Lampard has become a great footballer but Gerrard was born one.

    Gerrard is just the player to drag England into the world cup and see them through. Lampard just isn't on the same level as Gerrard and definitely not captain material end of

  9. Nick LFCcy says:

    Let them have a punch up for it! I know where I got my money on!

  10. Alex says:

    Can I just point out that whilst I (as a Chelsea fan) think Gerrard should be captain ahead of Lampard, anyone who actually criticises Lampard's ability shouldn't have their views expressed anywhere. Don't be stupid.

  11. ryan says:

    To the author of this article,

    You are a moron with too much time on your hands.

  12. roman says:

    WHAT? As a Chelsea fan i am embarressed at your comments, look id be proud for Lamps to get it but I have to agree that the right man got the Job given JT cannot get it (who would be the true main candidate) but you gotta back the team and the squad, petty squables matter not

  13. Parm says:

    Fascinating, but missing one vital component. How can one reasonably expect somebody to captain the national team when he does not captain his club side? Whilst Lampard has leadership qualities, he does not have the experience captaining a side, and that's a fact. Although, I concede that whilst it does not preclude him from captaining the side per se, when compared with Gerrard, it counts I'm afraid.

    Gerrard's own leadership qualities do not correspond with the poor season Liverpool have experienced. It is a short-sighted argument at best. His leadership qualities over the years are proven. More so than Lampard. Lampard does well in an otherwise consistently excellent team (over the past 6/7 years). Gerrard has done well in a team that has been very inconsistent over that period and that my friend says everything for his leadership qualities, his influence.

  14. Garbage says:

    What utter garbage.

  15. J says:

    have Chelsea won the champions league 5 times? or 4? o is it 3? or 2? or maybe one??? oh yeah! ……. none!

    yawn yawn yawn…. just watch the world cup you fool, and stop making up poo and wee

  16. Bill A Ricky says:

    I'm not sure Gerrard is the best captaincy material – when he's off his game he can become too introverted and he's not a great communicator. However, he can lead from the front by example better than most and you've got to think that at a WC with the armband on he could be truly inspirational – he's also someone that Rooney looks up to and likes so should get the best out of Shrek. Lampard is a decent player with a great goal record but he has never word the armband and is no better communicator than Gerrard and is definitely not a better player so why would his name even be in the frame for the Captaincy?!

  17. Matt says:

    Zain I hope nobody paid you to write this drivel.

    It's quite simple really, see if you can keep up. Ferdinand is the Captain, Gerrard is the vice-Captain. Ferdinand got injured so what comes next? The vice-Captain becomes the…?

    Should I get the crayons and glove puppets out? I don't think it could be more simple to be honest.

    Your "article" reads like a childs Lampard Love-in, did you write this whilst sitting on your Chelsea bedspread? Staring longingly at your poster of "Lamps" from the latest edition of Shoot?

    Get a grip.

  18. Paul says:

    Gerrard is a better player, better leader. Simple as! Everyone knows it! So why ask silly questions.

    • Lorne says:

      I was not upset Gerrard is Captain, but better player that is a myth not based on fact. The statistics speak loud and clear. Over the last ten years, Lampard has scored more goals than Gerrard and contributed more assists in a Chelsea side winning three Premier League titles. Difficult to argue against such stunning figures.

  19. jason george says:

    Zain – Let me guess, you are a Chelsea fan?

    Steven Gerrard has been vice captain of England for quite some time now. When John Terry was given the armband, Gerrard was the vice captain, then Rio Ferdinand got the armband- someone who i think never deserved it, again gerrard was made vice captain.

    Now with Ferdinand injured Gerrard has the chance to lead his country in this World Cup

    Instead of bitching about who is better, lampard or gerrard. Why not get behind the team and support whoever is leading them out

    Lastly is'nt it fair that gerrard should be captain, considering he has been the vice captain for so long

  20. doyle says:

    LOL you need too give your head a wobble, do you even know what day it is, Gerrard is a far better leader than frank, and every1 who reads this will just laugh , Lampard can only go forward he cant defend, most of his goals come from penalties, and if it come to a choice gerrard over lampard only the chelsea supporters will pick frank

  21. Garry says:

    I have never read so much poooo in my life!!

    To even compare Lampard and Gerrard in the same sentence is an insult to the Liverpool man.

    Fat Frank is lucky to be on the plane to SA, his last world cup performance was below par (thats being kind) albeit Gerrard hasn't transferred his club form into his international career, however he is also the one player that has been asked to play anywhere and everywhere. It looks like he is going to have his opportunity to play in his favoured role, this will be his stage to shine…and I think he will!

    Gerrard and Rooney as our attaking force is very strong.

    • Alex says:

      I think it's safe to say that you sir are an idiot.

      Lampard has scored over 20 goals (again) this season and has been inspirational for Chelsea in winning the double. To have not chosen him as you seem to think should have happened would have been moronic. In my opinion, if you look at club form Lampard has actually shown himself to be better the Gerrard, especially recently.

      Whilst it's true that Lampard hasn't shown his best abilities for England, this, probably his last World Cup, is the perfect opportunity to bring it out.

      And lastly, though I do think Gerrard should be captain ahead of Lampard, the point everyone's been making about him not having the necessary experience just isn't true. He's vice-captain of Chelsea and has shown himself to be a good leader of a team (I know you didn't mention that but I'm just making this as a general point).

      • Garry says:

        Ok…now who is the idiot!

        You arguement is based upon one season, because from my understanding Gerrard scored more league golas (in a inferior team and probably not as many pens) than lampard in 08-09 and 07-08 season.

        Wise up before your comment!

  22. Martin says:

    What a load of rubbish…..

    Gerrard has been the captain of Liverpool for many years and while the team have not had the same success as Chelsea that does not make Gerrard a bad captain.

    Lampard has absolutely no experience of being captain so how does that make him the better candidate to lead England into this world cup that Gerrard who has years of experience of being a captain under his belt?

    This article is completely missing the point as to what is required to be a successful captain… its not about how many goals you score or how many assists you provide to your teammates, if that was the case then we would never appoint a defender as captain. To be a good captain you need the capacity to drive your teammates on and inspire them, unfortunately, every time Lampard gets the ball in an England shirt he gives it away to the opposition… not very inspiring is it?

  23. rick says:

    this is what i about the internet, people who don't really have a clue what they are talking about writing a load of over opinionated crap and getting it seen by millions,

  24. Andy says:

    This is a poorly written article that lacks objectivity and fails to raise a reasoned argument. You do not even attempt to counter the points against "Super Frank".

    You argument seems to be based on who Lampard plays for. If he left and rejoined West Ham at the start of last season would he no longer be captain material?

  25. rob says:

    Unfortunately Lampard's boxing skills do not surpass Stevie (MOM) abilities in the bar. Nor unfortunately does he speak in unintelligible monotones which is so enamoured by our wonderful media of SG.

  26. YNWalkA says:

    Zain Alvi……..Accept it!, like everyone else,… are a true blue, ye?

  27. Torres9 says:

    How about you get over it and just support the team. This is such an unnecessary debate, most people accept Stevie G as captain. And why just concentrate on 1 season. Stevie G has been a colossal captain for us for years, Lampard is not captain of Chelsea. Anyway, as long as all are playing at the top of their game, who cares. Just support the team and stop causing unwanted friction.

  28. Neil says:

    Zain, there's a very simple answer to this question: Gerrard is the vice-captain, Lampard isn't. As soon as Rio got injured, the armband goes to his deputy.

  29. Andy says:

    Gerrards a better all round player and the best center mid in the world. the fact that he can defend as well as attack can score and set up goals from anywhere. Just like he set up the goal defoe scored in their last friendly just like when they were playing japan gerrard came on and totally changed the game and had a hand in both goals against mexico. Gerrards performances speak for themselves and you say that he hasn't had anything to show for it where lamps has. Maybe thats because he has better players around him than gerrard does! Argument over Stevie G is rightly the England captain and should've been given the responsibilty a long time ago! COME ON ENGLAND!

    • Red blooded says:

      Defend my ass, he gave away the ball twice during the US game. Gave Chelsea the title and was lucky to been gifted a goal by Hemskie. Neither should be captain, and all the praise for him winning the big game, good silver wear, wow one trophy in five years or was it two WOW what a winner.

  30. Johnny The Fox says:

    Lampard has never inspired and scored in and won the Champions League Final though has he.???

    And that competition is more comparable to a World Cup competition -unlike our domestic league..!!!

    Gerrard when on form is all over the pitch, that is not really something ever attributed to Lampard is it.?

  31. browny says:

    What a biased load of rubbish clearly from a chelsea fan!

    As far a captain material goes, you need someone to get the players up and lead by example.

    Joe Cole recently said that Rooney and Gerrard are the 2 best players and biggest threats etc..

    Gerrard, Carragher, Terry, James (but I dont like keepers as captains) and even King would be better captains as they have the qualities required.

    Carragher and King arent 1st choice players, so obviously wouldnt be considered. James is a keeper, Terry was stripped of it and that leaves Gerrard.

    Lampard is a good player but not a captain.

  32. Kully says:

    because Lampard is nothing more than a glorified 'goal hanger' whose sole role in the Chelsea team is to shoot, he's not fit to lace Gerrards boots.

  33. mawdso says:

    Hang on a minute, who wrote this, Frank Lampard Snr…???!! Irrespective of Frank's undoubted ability, he has nothing like the experience of Gerrard in terms of club captaincy. As for the trite comment implying Stevie G 'single-handedly' drove LFC into 7th place…..don't be so nieve. Countless England captains have been at mediocre teams, Platty, Shearer, Shilts, nevermind the success Stevie has had whilst Capt of LFC….and before anyone says it, 'he's never won the EPL…!', so what, he's won everything else! You are right to your personal opinion in the Stevie v Frank debate for Capt, but don't write as if its football gospel!

  34. Cryin Plastic Fan says:

    Fat Fwank?? dont make me laugh..

  35. Ivan says:

    And what difference would it have made if Lampard would have got the Armband instead of Gerrard?

    Over recent years there has been an obsession with giving the England armband to anyone who is from England's capital city.

    Beckham, Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard.

    It never used to be like that but it seems modern day to be the preferred choice.

    I'm no Liverpool fan and I respect frank Lampard but Capello has made the right choice as far a choosing a captain for the world cup.

    I read an article where some Man Utd, Everton and Chelsea fans wanted England to go out just so Gerrard has no chance of lifting the World Cup.

    Is it hard to accept that IF England win the world cup it will be a scouser lifting the trophy.

    By the way, when Terry was stripped of the armband and Ferdinand stepped up, Gerrard was named vice captain. with Rio out it was obvious it would go to the vice captain, that's why Capello made his choice without any hesitancy!!

    Get a Grip.

  36. Bored says:

    read Fwankie is my favourite therefore Fwankie deserves the captaincy because he's my fwavourite more than Stevie and he plays in a team that is far richer so does far better (I wonder had Gerrard joined chelsea whether the author would have made the same case – which simply seems to be that because Cheslea finished higher than Liverpool that somehow lampard is suddenly captain material – he is not)

    Dear me

  37. ThreeLions.. says:

    So you want to base gerrards capabilities on liverpool's season? The whole liverpool team was at fault not just gerrard.

    What about the amount of times he has single handedly won matches for both england and liverpool, Istanbul, Fa Cup final vs west ham for example.

  38. neil edmunds says:

    This is the worse article i have read in while! Lampard is not a leader where gerrard is end off and this is comign from a Northampton fan

  39. St George says:

    "This year, the problem with that argument is that Stevie G’s Reds finished in seventh place in the Premier League"

    So it was all Gerrards fault that Liverpool finished 7th?

  40. Paul says:

    You sleeping with Frank Lampard or something?! Lampard is VERY hit and miss for England! Gerrard is club captain, he is right to Captain England this world Cup!!! You cant bring Liverpools form this season into whether he should captain England or not!! He is a worthy Captain! Not like your Chelsea Boys, Hit and Miss Lampard and 'cant keep it in my pants" Terry! CLASSY!

  41. brian torres says:

    you dont no what football is chooosing acpt is not all about scoring many goals sir go back to school and learn more about gerrad he more complete that lmps do .why do you htink mascherano captainsa argentina when he doesnt score goals

  42. StonyK says:

    What a farce of an article. So the values pick up by Capello to select his captain are not correct because Gerard captained a team who finished 7th. In that case why not pick Ashley Cole – he won the league last year.

  43. EnglandFan says:

    I am guessing this was written by a Chelskie fan….. lol

  44. Hmmm says:

    Can i say in the years i have watched England play Gerrard has been the heart behind the team with Rooney the soul, Lampard has accomplished no were near as much potential as Gerrard. You can not base captaincy on one flopped season. Gerrard has worked his ass off for England and thats why he deserves it over Lampard not just because Lampard has had one better season. John Terry and Ferdinand both have had shit seasons but no one contridicted them when they were wearing the armbands, its because the experience they have for the team and the passion and effort they have put into England

  45. izzie says:

    Sorry Zain, but I thought this Gerrard/Lampard debate was whether they could both play together in the same team. Never even heard of the Gerrard/Lampard Captain debate until you mentioned it! There is no debate, the gaffer chose Terry/Rio/Stevie as captains in that order, Lamps was never mentioned.

  46. wer says:

    Since when cockney ***** opinion been taken seriously? Fat frank not fit to lace Stevie's boot.

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