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Real Toffees wear pink

By | 4th June 2010

Everton have taken their away kit to a whole new level for the upcoming Barclays Premier League season. Their black kit with pink stripes this past season turned many football fans into instant members of the fashion police. It seemed as though everybody was against the pink stripes. It appeared that the powers at the club took notice that pink stripes simply weren’t in this past season.

What did they do to fix the problem? Well, Le Coq Sportif took it upon themselves to design and manufacture a completely “lightning pink” jersey. But before you go crazy that this jersey is absolutely absurd – which I completely agree that it is – there is plenty of history behind this design.

The all pink shirt with the think navy blue stripe across the chest is the design that Everton wore during the 1890/91 season (yes, the 1800′s) when the Toffees captured their first ever league crown. The lightning pink certainly will help the players find their fellow teammates making runs down the field!

As an Everton fan it will certainly take a little getting used to, but as long as the Toffees win matches I really couldn’t care less what color their jersey is. Just find the back of the net!

What do you think about the new away kit? Have your say below!

Reader Comments

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  1. david hughes says:

    JESUS,MARY, N'JOSEPH! YOU HAVE TO ADMIT WE KNOW HOW TO SCORE OWN GOALS! 'methinks the ladies will buy it in their thousands though..

  2. Nikky says:

    at least my 3 year old daughter will like it – since this is her favourite colour.


    so we know Evertonians are gays? ;)

  4. Jude says:

    the opposition fans will sing ‘Sheila’s Wheels’ to us! :S

  5. Simon Mclean says:

    Wait a minute !!!! just relax your eyes…. it's miss piggy with a Zorro mask on and dodgy eyes.

    it's snort a good look and snout to be proud of. We are a top premiership team wanting respect from the big boys not the big girls!!!!!

  6. Guest says:

    I don't like this colour, pink will make us look stupid. Think about the opposition chanting who are the big fat ****s? and etc

  7. Tom says:

    It looks like a Primark £3 holiday T shirt. I buy the new kits for my grandsons, but I don't think I'll be wasting my money on this one. What happened to yellow or white shirts and blue shorts for the away strip?

  8. liam says:

    I love it! going to buy myself one of these.

    moyes was talking about how players couldnt pick each other out in the last away kit so that shouldnt be a problem now..

  9. darrenj4468 says:

    well i like it and will be buying 1 and think we all should to support our club!!

  10. Macca MacKenzie says:

    Simply awful!!!!

  11. StickySteve says:

    This is going to be a big hit with the female fans – piloted by the pink chang version a few years ago. These sold out in a day and were on ebay for £180 each, the demand was that big.

    My wife and daughter want this one, I will get the new blue one, so there is at least 2 additional sales this year.

    Its a marketing masterstroke by Everton.

  12. Larry O'Hara says:

    Not what I would have chosen, but distinctive. And if we win the league in it (as numerology might indicate) then it will become iconic. Give it a try!

  13. Steve Clark says:

    It's a disaster, they will all be in the bargain basement bucket by the end of September. I just hope Coq up Sportif will be footing the bill. Another opportunity wasted by the idiots the marketing office at EFC

  14. corbytim67 says:

    omg. why pink . will not be buying it.

  15. Steve says:

    It's 'I couldn't really care less'.

    You're welcome.

  16. fan says:

    These are ballin'

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