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United must rest Rooney against Bolton

By | 24th March 2010

Wayne Rooney is in the form of his life, that’s no secret to anyone. The best thing to do when a player is performing with such flare and intensity is to unleash him. However, history shows that it must be done with precaution, especially with a World Cup around the corner.

There are reports that Rooney will not feature against Bolton this Sunday because of fears of a knee injury. It would prove to be a smart move for the many individuals and institutions involved with Rooney, including Sir Alex, Fabio Capello, the FA, the player himself, and – why not – his entire country.

The prolific striker has been pushing himself over the limit for quite a while now. He featured in the Carling Cup final against Aston Villa, even though it was not Ferguson’s original plan. The Scot had no choice after Michael Owen walked out injured.  Then he went on to play at Wembley against Egypt for 86 minutes, a move that earned the striker criticism from the legendary United boss.

Now, less than one hundred days away from South Africa, Wayne Rooney has multiple weights on his shoulders. His team is entering the crucial final period of the Premier League, where United lead by a nose over Arsenal and Chelsea. Also, they are in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where they must face German titans Bayern Munich. The success of Manchester United in both competitions lies greatly on the English forward and he must do this while preparing for the World Cup soon after.

The game against Bolton represents an opportunity to rest Rooney. The United talisman could take advantage of the weekend rest and come back strong against Chelsea, the game they must win.

If Rooney chooses to play every single match from here on until the World Cup, he risks an injury. Examples of these are provided in all the pages of soccer history, from Pele’s ripped thigh muscle in the 1962 World Cup to David Beckham’s ankle injury this month.

Ferguson and Capello should be smart to give the United talisman a rest this weekend. Otherwise they risk losing him for a long period of time, taking down multiple title hopes, including no less than the Champions League and the World Cup this summer.

Reader Comments

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  1. rooney says:

    i also think this is stupid article..SAF not realy like England squad..he don't care rooney play with england..

  2. the swede says:

    Fact is Bolton away is a tricky tie for United as they have been a bit of a bogey side for years. People want United to rest Rooney so they will drop points and the mind games are just laughable.

  3. Gustavo says:

    I think Rooney should play every single match. If they are fighting for the EPL and they are close in points with Arsenal and Chelsea, Ferguson is gotta use his best striker. By not putting Rooney in the pitch he is risking the advantage they have and that wouldn't be smart. Now Bolton is a professional team and it is not to be overlook for a win. If this season has taught us something is that every team in the EPL can win games.

  4. Mike Diamente says:

    If United can't beat Bolton without Wayne Rooney, they don't deserve to be Premier League champions

  5. I'm not sure why my fellow United fans are coming down hard on this. As said in the article, this match against Bolton is just one tiny piece of the puzzle that Berbatov and co should be able to handle without Rooney.

    On the other hand, Rooney has bigger fish to fry, like Chelsea and the CL competition.

  6. the swede says:

    Interesting that the ABU's wants Rooney ro be rested so he can do the business for Engerland this summer. Fact is a majority of United fans absolutely hate Engerland and will support Serbia or any other country with United players in the side.
    I suggest you lot that write this piece of sh*** should rest it a bit instead and get a life.

  7. Paddy says:

    stupid article. rooney is a man united player, is paid by man united. ferguson won't care if england loses rooney for the world cup.

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