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ESPN’s Game of the Week: Burnley v. Sunderland

By | 18th September 2009

darren-bentPremier League fans in the United States will once again get the chance to see Burnley take on their new Premiership opposition. This week it comes in the form of Sunderland at Turf Moor.

When the schedule was initially released before the season started, I doubt that many people were circling this date on their calendars. Five weeks into the season, though, this has become quite the intriguing matchup. Burnley is at home where they are undefeated. Sure, they have only won two games, but they were the two biggest wins that they will probably have all season. First Burnley beat defending champions Manchester United on a Wednesday. They followed up that performance by beating Everton that Sunday. The crowd at Turf Moor has yet to be let down, and they are expecting another great performance out of their team tomorrow.

Sunderland may not usually be easily compared to Manchester United or Everton, but this year has been good to the Black Cats. Nine points through five matches sees Sunderland sitting comfortably in seventh. Goals have not come easy on the road – only one in two matches – but they will look to change their fortunes come Saturday. The key for Sunderland will be their strike force as always. Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones have been responsible for six of the Cats’ eight goals this season. They are going to have to keep this up in order to keep the Turf Moor mob at bay.

This should be a very entertaining match to watch on Saturday, and regardless of the outcome, I’m sure that everybody that do watch will be glad they circled that date.

Who do you think will win on Saturday? Comment below or jump into the forum and get your voice heard!

Reader Comments

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  1. Taylor Fisher says:

    What a fantastic match! I'm glad I got up nice and early to watch it! I really didn't care who won. It would've been nice to see Sunderland make a match out of it, but Burnley kept the match exciting all on their own!

  2. Thomas O'Loughl says:

    I have nothing against Sunderland, they play good football and have good players like Cana, Jones and Bent. I will also admit the atmosphere in Turf Moor is far better than Old Trafford or any other big four ground for that matter. I was just being a bit sarcastic and you took my comments a bit too seriously.

  3. Sanddancer says:

    Someone from Ireland moaning about the quality of a game to be seen by US viewers! What a sad, pathetic, individual. Probably a Liverpool or more likely Manure supporter who's been to two games in his whole sad life. I'm a Sunderland supporter and I've been to Old Trafford and Turf Moor several times and I can tell you this, the atmosphere at Turf Moor is ten times what the prawn sandwich brigade can muster, even in the 70s. Get a grip, son, you have no idea what you are talking about. Thank God you live in Ireland, indeed.

  4. Taylor Fisher says:

    Thomas – you are certainly quite lucky to be on the other side of the pond where everybody goes nuts for football! I'll still be watching the match though. Any chance that top flight football is on tv I take the opportunity to watch it rather than streaming it on my laptop.

    Kevin – I'm so glad to have football on regular tv! I've yet to watch one of the La Liga matches, but I've watched every Prem match on ESPN2 so far. It's gonna be early tomorrow, but I certainly will be watching it!

  5. Kevin L says:

    I am excited for this match. Sunderland are a team on a serious rise in the standings and possible finish in the Top 10. Meteoric from where they were a few years ago. They have brought in some good talent in all aspects of their game… defense with Mensah from Lyon, a highly rated defender, midfielders with Cana, Cattermole and the aforementioned Bent.

    On the topic of Premier League in the U.S, I am just glad there even is international soccer coverage on regular cable. Last week, Liverpool played Burnley, so that there is a top team that was televised. And ESPN also shows La Liga on Sunday. If the popular response of the public is favorable, next year ESPN will undoubtedly step it up. It's unfortunate, however, that they lost the Champions League rights to the non-HD FSC.

  6. Thomas O'Loughl says:

    Thank god i live on the opposite side of the Atlantic in good old Ireland so Taylor, pity though, top premier league games would really draw more fans to the game.

  7. Taylor Fisher says:

    I sense just a hint of sarcasm Thomas hahaha! In the US this season, ESPN has treated us to a Burnley match every single week! You would think that we would get at least a somewhat entertaining matchup (this is the best we've got so far), but to no avail! This game should be entertaining, but ESPN needs to land a few bigger matches to help spread the football love in the US!

  8. Thomas O'Loughl says:

    This is going to be soooooooooo entertaining, Burnley are the Barcelona of english football, silky football, beautiful technique, Sunderland are the new Liverpool of the 80s, win every trophy and a game winning machine. Truly this game will be the game of the season, game of the decade and game of the century. This is what football is all about. Just like the Wigans, the Boltons and Hull of the world, these are all world class teams. Set standards for rubbish teams like Man Utd to aspire to. Utd and City will watch in awe as these two teams overshadow all other games this weekend.

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