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2009/10: The Best Season Ever!

By | 13th July 2009

david-moyes-celebratesWhile the summer months toil away and the transfer rumors get even more boring (or exciting if you’re a Football Manager fan), football fans around the world start to get excited for their club’s upcoming season. Will your club succeed? Will they fail? Will your star player remain healthy? Who will Joey Barton hit next? All questions that will be answered during the 2009/10 season, which, if everything works out, could be the best season ever.

The World Cup is back!

After a long four years, World Cup action will finally be back at the conclusion of the 2009/10 season. This in itself is something to get excited about, but it could also lead to the football on display being better than ever. Players like Karim Benzema have already publically declared that they’re paying special attention to their preparations this summer in order to lock up a place in next season’s World Cup.

It’s not just Benzema that will be looking to impress this season. As with every World Cup year, there will be those players that were previously on their country’s bubble but explode onto the national scene. Think of Ashley Young’s breakout season this past year, and expect to see an even bigger coming out party for some of the world’s youngest talents this upcoming season.

Everyone will be fighting for a shot at football’s biggest honor, and players know that their club performances will dictate their national chances. If there was ever a time where players would be fighting for their lives, this season is it.

Premier League parity

We saw it this past season, and we’ll see even more of it this upcoming season. Aston Villa gave Arsenal a run for their money, Hull showed us that anything can happen, Manchester City showed glimpses of greatness, and drama was around every corner. With Premier League clubs getting nothing but stronger, this season will see even more title challengers and top clubs.

Manchester City should cause the largest splash in 2009/10, with a whole host of big names at the club. Their owners are strapped and ready to spend some serious cash, and City will be hoping to challenge for a spot at the summit of the table.

Even the smaller clubs can compete with the big boys now, with Hull City causing quite a few upsets last season against big clubs and then suffering some embarrassing defeats to the smaller clubs. Teams like Fulham are quietly getting stronger, and the gap between the top and the bottom is getting smaller. Who will surprise us this year? Can the three promoted clubs shock us?

Everton and their rollercoaster

I know this is a strange reason to look forward to next season, but does anyone else quite like watching Everton? By all means I’m no Everton fan, but if you look at their squad – when healthy – it’s a joy to behold. This is a club that never disappoints; Everton consistently finish just behind the big boys, but their path there almost always comes with some up and down emotions.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the likes of Tim Howard, Joleon Lescott, Joseph Yobo, Leighton Baines, Mikel Arteta, Steven Pienaar, Tim Cahill, Yakubu, and Louis Saha all fit and playing together. Managed by David Moyes, this is a team that should be contending for a top four spot, and I fully expect them to make that step up in 2009/10.

There are many more reasons why I’m looking forward to this upcoming season, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Give your reasons in the comments section below, and bring on the new season!

Reader Comments

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  1. Andy says:

    Will be fun to watch Man City and Tottenham AGAIN dissappoint and not challenge for a champion's league place. Also to watch liverpool win the title again.

  2. That should be "Manchester Ciy WILL cause the largest splash" instead of "Manchester City SHOULD cause the largest splash."

    Come on City

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