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The Gareth Bale Curse

By | 9th May 2009

gareth-baleI think we can all agree that Gareth Bale is not a bad player. In fact, at 19 years of age, he is surely one of the most promising – if not the most promising – left backs in the Premier League and in the world. Likewise, I think we can all agree that Tottenham win their fair share of games. Once again they are challenging for a European spot for next season, and with players like Luka Modric and Robbie Keane in the side they aren’t that bad of a squad.

If we can all agree on both of these facts, then it would be reasonable to say that a promising teenager (Gareth Bale) is at the right club challenging for a spot in Europe. Bale, however, in his second year at White Hart Lane, is yet to win a league game in a Tottenham jersey. That’s right, every single time Gareth Bale has stepped onto the pitch during a Tottenham game, Spurs have failed to pick up all three points. Whether as a starter or a substitute, Bale has never tasted victory with Tottenham in the league.

This makes it no surprise that with Bale in the starting lineup against Everton this past weekend, both sides finished scoreless. The Welsh teenager had an excellent game, but the footballing gods are still not ready for the youngster to break his curse. He has gone 23 league appearances now with Tottenham without a win.

What does this mean? Quite simply, if Tottenham want to qualify for a spot in next season’s Europa League, Gareth Bale will need to watch from the bench. Football is a funny old game.

Is Gareth Bale really cursed or is Tottenham just that bad? Have your say in the comments section below!

Reader Comments

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  1. Olson Olson says:

    Oh well that's funny, the last time I checked there were 11 players on a team. Yea you guys are all right. It's not the teams fault, it's Bales fault. Isn't that why we lost to man u and chelsea this season. When Gareth was no where in site.

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  4. Jake says:

    Well there are rumors that Redknapp wants to sell him. I wouldn't sell hmi but if he is being a problem, just loan him out and see how he does. If anything for just a three month loan in the beginning of the season.

  5. Zain Alvi says:

    Haha…great observation, Brian…and I also liked the pun at the end…honestly, I had been observing that Bale USUALLY played in games that Tottenham had a tough time with…never realized that this was ALWAYS the case!

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