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Who is Arton Baleci?

By | 27th April 2009

goalArton Baleci is just like you and I – he’s a football fan living in England who has always wanted to play in the Premier League. Unlike you and I, though, Arton is doing something about it. As a 24 year old man, Baleci is using techniques such as NLP Modelling to mimick the movements and skills of some of the world’s top footballers.

Premiership Talk sat down with Arton to talk about his mission, his chances, and football in general. Be sure to tune in to Episode 17 of the Premiership Talk Podcast to listen to the full interview with Arton Baleci. Check back on Wednesday for Episode 17.

Follow all of Arton’s progress on his website, located at If you’re interested in helping Arton along in his journey, he’s looking to link up with professional footballers and coaches around the world. Head on over to his site to contact him.

Download Episode 17 of the Premiership Talk Podcast and all of the other episodes on the podcast page.

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  1. [...] In one of the most anticipated Premiership Talk Podcast episodes, Episode 17 unveils Premiership Talk’s exclusive interview with Arton Baleci. Arton is an average footballer just like you and I that claims he can make it to football’s highest level (or thereabouts). Listen to the full interview within this episode, or check out the article about Arton here. [...]

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