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The Wednesday Wonder: Eduardo

By | 18th February 2009

eduardo-da-silva1Baby steps. That’s what most people take when recovering from injury. Eduardo took a few and decided he was good to run.

One year ago Рalmost to the day Р Eduardo suffered an injury that not many people come back from. The injury? A compound fracture of his ankle. The images? Sickening to look at. The commentators of the Arsenal РBirmingham match were contemplating whether or not we would be seeing Eduardo walking again. Eduardo would have none of that. Intense rehab and training not only has him walking again, but he is match fit again! Call it a miracle or call it whatever you like, but it is great to see him back on the pitch.

So let’s fast forward to his first senior appearance with Arsenal. The FA Cup 4th Round replay against Cardiff at The Emirates seemed like a good place for Eduardo to get his bearings again. After scoring two goals and sealing an Arsenal win, Eduardo was back. Everybody, Cardiff included, was happy to see Eduardo back and playing at a high level. Cardiff boss Dave Jones was quoted as saying, “I’m pleased for any player that comes back from an horrendous injury like his. We’ve all seen situations like that in football; I had an injury that finished my career as a player. It’s a long road back so it’s fantastic to see a player come back like that.”

It shouldn’t matter what team you support. Seeing anybody recover as quickly and successfully from a potentially career-ending injury is always great to witness and good for the game as a whole. Eduardo is a perfect example of how people can overcome overwhelming odds to be successful. He did just that, and that is why I have chosen him as this week’s Premiership Talk Wednesday Wonder.

What did you think of Eduardo’s return performance? Have your say in the forums!

Reader Comments

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  1. CrazyCat says:

    I am going to have to sign up to receive your feed. This is good stuff

  2. Taylor Fisher says:

    So much for Eduardo fixing Arsenal since he's out for 2 weeks w/ a hammy injury.

  3. Zain Alvi says:

    "Typical Arsenal" – That's great observation Brian because I LIVE Arsenal so for you to point out the obvious is really refreshing. On a different note, we will definitely beat a team like Barcelona, and particularly Barcelona themselves, if the referee allows the game to be 11-on-11 unlike the way it ended the last time when we were poised to beat them.

  4. Typical Arsenal reply. Maybe you should start focusing on now with an eye on the future? It seems to be working for United….10 Prem titles, defending CL champs, and top of the table at the moment looks pretty good.

  5. Taylor Fisher says:

    There will be no defending of the title for Arsenal next season. That of course would be the only way you would have the opportunity to defend the title, but Arsenal would have no shot of beating a team like Barcelona this season.

  6. Zain Alvi says:

    Haha…keep the fire burning lads…but I guarantee you we will be playing Champions League football next season…better, we will be defending the CL title…and I don't think United are on the verge of collapse, I know they will collapse, particularly after SAF is gone!

  7. Taylor Fisher says:

    No CL title for Arsenal this year, and no room for them in the CL next year. Too bad. United are unstoppable at the moment, and when they meet the Arse in a few weeks it will certainly be a battle. Of course it is United's title to lose, everybody knows that.

  8. I just don't understand why you always believe United is on the verge of collapse and Arsenal is on the way up. I still haven't seen either happen…United just keeps improving.

    Eduardo won't turn Arsenal into a superstar. You should be thankful if he even drags Arsenal into a CL spot.

  9. Zain Alvi says:

    Yup your form is great and now that I think about it, you have reason enough to feel good because we would have already beaten Liverpool at Anfield by the time we get to you in May. But that only means that the title is that much more yours to lose. I am going to go one step ahead and say that when Inter knocks you out of the Champions League, you won't even have an excuse not to focus on the Prem…so you better hope that your domestic form stays with you for as long as possible.

    In contrast, we have had it rough but our squad is healing from injuries and we are looking stronger than ever, clearly on course to lift the Champions League title in Rome by May.Therefore, we have nothing to lose and everything to win!

    "Arsenal FC! we are the Arsenal FC, we are by far the greatest team, the world will ever see!"

  10. Taylor Fisher says:

    Nice try Zain, but we're not too worried. Have you seen United's form recently? Pretty good huh?

  11. Zain Alvi says:

    Haha good to see some support there mates but be afraid, be very afraid because now we have one more weapon to attack you with at Old Trafford. Remember, we may be out of the title race but we could still decide who takes it because we will play both Liverpool and United within a matter of weeks. Any positives for you guys? Of course, the only positive is that we will aim to destroy Liverpool just the way we will aim to destroy you!

  12. Indeed. Even as a United supporter, I am ecstatic for Eduardo, and everyone must respect both his ability and determination.

  13. Taylor Fisher says:

    I'm glad to see Eduardo back. That was horrible to witness last season.

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