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City Get Some Competition

By | 23rd January 2009

Just when it seemed that there could be nothing stopping Manchester City from running away with the title of being the most absurd club of the year, the Eastland outfit is beginning to face some stiff competition for even this title.

Who could possibly want to enter into this humiliating title race with Manchester City? Well, apparently the ever-notorious Real Madrid officials are once again back in the news for all the wrong reasons and joining them in this race against Manchester City are the much battered Carling Cup finalists Tottenham Hotspur. The big question now is not “who is Manchester City’s competition”, but rather “how can anyone compete with Manchester City in this area of foolishness?”

After all, City officials somehow managed to drop to an unbelievably shocking level of stupidity when they spent in excess of £17 million for the services of Hamburg’s Dutch midfielder Nigel De Jong. It became common knowledge this morning that De Jong would have become available for merely around £2 million at the end of the season. If Mark Hughes believes City’s survival depends directly on the £15 million his club has spent on De Jong in frustration, then I am speechless.

City’s embarrassing season has already received enough coverage and yet the club finds a way to indulge in fiasco after fiasco to continue making daily headlines that keep adding to the embarrassment. This City side is quite clearly not cut out to grind results. Their 1-0 win over Wigan last weekend was a rare example of a result that was “grinded out” very well. Otherwise, this season has been a case of extreme results for the richest team in the world as emphatic defeats have outnumbered emphatic victories.

Off the field, however, it has been even worse as the tedious saga involving Kaka finally ended in a failure for the Sky Blues. Furthermore, the addition of Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bridge, and Nigel De Jong has cost the club in excess of £40 million, and that is clearly a sign that the club is being held for ransom in these times of financial crisis. And overspending on De Jong verifies that City will pay their way out of trouble recklessly. But, so far, signs have hardly been bright despite all the spending.

After record-signing Robinho returned home for family reasons from the club’s training camp in Tenerife, nobody at the club seemed to know the actual circumstances surrounding his departure. There was clearly no consensus as some felt he had given up on the club while others felt that he was shocked at the collapsing of the Kaka deal. Latest reports suggest there is a rift between Robinho and manager Hughes and both men are now set for showdown talks.

With the club in such a dire state of crisis, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is almost impossible to compete with City when it comes to acquiring a reputation of stupidity. But their Premier League rivals Tottenham have continuously tried to remain in touch. Harry Redknapp’s arrival certainly revived things as the Spurs got a dramatic 4-4 draw in the North London derby at the Emirates while also ending Liverpool’s unbeaten record in the Premier League.

However, the follow-up has been disastrous as they are back to square one and locked in an extremely tough relegation battle. One day, Redknapp comes out and says that David Bentley has regained his confidence. The next day, he comes out and admits that his squad is a “mish-mash” of players and that the players he has are just not good enough.

A shocking performance against Burnley in the second leg of the Carling Cup semi-final last night was not enough to see the holders crash out of the competition. However, ample damage was done for Redknapp to come out and say that he needs even more strength in his squad after the high-profile signing of former Wigan maestro Wilson Palacios.

In fact, Redknapp has vowed to rest his entire first team at Old Trafford in the FA Cup this weekend, signaling complete insecurity and chaos at White Hart Lane. It’s a shame to see a manager of Harry’s quality in shambles and that alone is proof enough of Tottenham’s uniquely disastrous season. Chairman Daniel Levy must have felt relieved when he sacked Juande Ramos but Ramos is back to haunt Tottenham not only for the services of Jermaine Jenas, but also as the manager of a club that continues to contend for this particular title that Tottenham and Manchester City are vying for.

Real Madrid is a club that is no stranger to ridiculous controversies. From their sickening ways of pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo to their battle to win unprecedented favors from UEFA, they have once again returned to what they do best in Spain: indulge in corrupt football politics. With Calderon’s resignation, we at Premiership Talk brought to you several articles discussing the end of the tasteless manner in which Calderon pursued Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the successors of Calderon seem equally worthy of ridicule as they have right away made an unwarranted statement about the pursuit of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as well as Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas. As Arsenal were busy keeping Real’s city rivals Atletico away from Ivorian winger Emmanuel Eboue, Real shamelessly poked their noses in Arsenal’s business by trying to unsettle Wenger and the Arsenal captain Fabregas.

Furthermore, Real Madrid officials have now announced their own pursuit of Kaka despite already having faced rejection in the past. If Real had managed to convert their off-field arrogance into success on the field, then it would have been a different story altogether.

But bragging about a second-place (fascist salutes) that sees them 12 points behind Barcelona is not exactly a great idea. It is, however, the kind of idea that makes Real Madrid the sort of team that will always be there to compete with the likes of Manchester City when it comes to stooping down to newer levels of foolishness and stupidity.

My CURRENT ranking of the world’s most foolish team at the moment:
(1) Manchester City F.C.
(2) Real Madrid C.F.
(3) Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

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