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Midweek Match-Ups Preview

By | 28th October 2008

After this past weekend’s outcomes, it is safe to say that several teams dubbed it “the revival.” Tottenham got their first win of their season under their new manger, Harry Redknapp. Everton played well at home and was able to draw Manchester United. Hull won big at West Brom to prove that they are no slouches. Sunderland was able to win the Tyneside Derby. And Liverpool snapped Chelsea’s 86-game home unbeaten streak. What will these midweek matches have in store? We can only hope that they can somewhat live up to the standard that this past weekend’s matches set.

Tuesday, October 28th

Obafemi MartinsNewcastle v. West Brom (19:45): Both Newcastle and West Brom hit bumps in the road in their last game. Newcastle lost to a very confident Sunderland team, and West Brom got smoked by Hull, at home no less. Although both teams have not been performing up to expectations as of late, I can see Newcastle with a convincing win at home today. West Brom is just not playing well at all, and Newcastle should be able to turn it around with the support of their home crowd. Having been outscored 8-0 over their last 2 games, a goal seems rather unlikely for West Brom, let alone an away win. Put a “W” in the win column for Newcastle.

Wednesday, October 29th

Aston Villa v. Blackburn (19:45): Villa have started off the season performing better than expectations. Blackburn, meanwhile, are floating around the middle of the table. Carew and co. have been playing very well, especially in their 4-0 win on Sunday at Wigan. Blackburn, on the other hand, have been playing terribly, with only 2 points and one goal this month. Villa have the opportunity to finish off Blackburn at home to further solidify their position as a top-5 team. I expect an easy win in Villa Park in front of their fans.

Fulham v. Wigan (19:45): This game should turn out to be a battle given both teams’ recent run of results this month. Wigan have had the losses piling up this month, with not a single win or draw in October. Fulham only have 2 points this month to account for. Both teams need a big win to turn things around. After a 4-0 loss for Wigan in their last game at home against Aston Villa, the Latics need some momentum if they are to save their season. Fulham, meanwhile, have the home-field advantage for this match, which is desperately needed if they are to gain some confidence and score some much needed goals against the team from the JJB. I would expect a draw in this match given how terribly both teams have been playing.

Hull City v. Chelsea (19:45): In what should prove to be the game of the week, we have the upstart team from Hull against the powerhouse from Chelsea. Over the weekend, Hull and Chelsea went in opposite directions, as Hull beat West Brom 3-0 at West Brom, and Chelsea lost at home to Liverpool to snap their home unbeaten streak. In my last predictions, I wrote Hull off because they had yet to score 3 or more goals in a game. Hull responded by scoring 3 goals and taking an easy away win. Also in my last predictions, I picked Chelsea to win easy at home against Liverpool. Liverpool came into town and thoroughly dominated them and held them scoreless. Look for Chelsea to make up for their previous performance, or lack thereof. Hull will be up for their second big game of the season, but I don’t know if they can put up another game like they did at the Emirates. The crowd will be into this game, but I feel that Chelsea will come away the winners. I would not be surprised if Hull gets the win, though, because everybody keeps writing them off, including myself, and they continue to show us that they have what it takes.

Stoke City v. Sunderland (19:45): After a convincing win at home against Newcastle on Saturday, Sunderland move onto Stoke as their next victims. Stoke have been playing terribly as of late. Their only win in their last 3 games came against Tottenham, but they were in shambles at the time. Sunderland have been playing consistently. Stoke will be unable to recuperate after their heavy loss to Manchester City. A Sunderland win should be expected.

Arsenal v. Tottenham (20:00): Can Harry Redknapp get his second win under his belt as Tottenham manager? I find that highly unlikely given how Arsenal has been playing thus far. We’ve seen crazy things this season though. Hull beat Arsenal at home, and they have a lot less talent than Tottenham. Pavlyuchenko and Bent have the potential to make something special happen tomorrow against Arsenal, but Arsenal is too much of a well-rounded team. Arsenal should win this with relative ease, but I would expect Tottenham to get a goal given the breath of fresh air that Redknapp has brought into the club.

Bolton v. Everton (20:00): After a strong showing against at home against Manchester United, Everton play a Bolton team that finds itself near the bottom of the table. Meanwhile, Everton look to be on their move up the table. Their draw against Manchester United proved that they are capable of playing with the best of them. Bolton is not part of “the best of them,” so a win should come pretty easy for Everton. A draw would not be surprising given it is a home game for Bolton, but I can see Yakubu and Fellaini scoring goals and getting the “W.”

Liverpool v. Portsmouth (20:00): After a HUGE win at Stamford Bridge for the team from Anfield, Liverpool look to use this momentum in their home game against Jermain Defoe and Portsmouth. After losing a great manager in Harry Redknapp, and after a disappointing result at home to Fulham, Portsmouth look to turn it around. However, they are playing the team currently sitting at the top of the table. This should prove to be too much for them. Liverpool are playing extremely well at the moment, and after seeing how easily they disposed of Chelsea on Sunday, I cannot see Portsmouth stopping what they have going at the moment. Although Fernando Torres is expected to be out for another week and a half, Liverpool seem unstoppable right now, and I am not about to bet against them.

Cristiano RonaldoManchester United v. West Ham United (20:00): Having only allowed one goal in their last 3 games, and coming away with 7 points over that span, Manchester United are firing on all cylinders. The combination of Ronaldo, Rooney, and Berbatov has proved to be too much for teams as of late. Granted that didn’t beat Everton, but nobody’s perfect. A win at Old Trafford tomorrow seems inevitable. Although West Ham have started off the season well, the combination of the Red Devils offense and defense seems too overpowering for them. Look for another Manchester United clean sheet coupled with another 3 goals out of their offense.

Middlesbrough v. Manchester City (20:00): After a fantastic display put on by Robinho over the weekend, Manchester City look to put on another performance tomorrow afternoon. Middlesbrough have not been playing all that well lately, but don’t count them out yet. After their last home game where they lost 5-0 to Chelsea, Middlesbrough will try to make it up to their fans with what would prove to be an important home win against Robinho and Co. Manchester City are a much more exciting and offensive-minded team. I can see City coming away with the all important away win.

What teams will keep the momentum going? Who will surprise us this week? Let me know what you think by commenting on this article. Also, try your luck in the Premiership Talk Predictions Game!

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