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Edwin van der Sore

By | 1st October 2008

Mr. van der Sar receiving treatment in a game v.s. WatfordEdwin van der Sar is probably one of the best goalkeepers the world. His biggest critics, however, are quick to point out his inability to stay healthy. The goalie is supposed to be the most durable guy on a football pitch and yet he seems to hobble off nearly every match. He was subbed out an unprecedented 18 times last year. 18!

You figure if you have 3 substitutes in a game, and you’re Manchester United, you at least want to see some of your young talent or even your proven guys who don’t always crack the match day squad. That third substitute could be Dong Fangzhuo, Wes Brown, Manucho, or many of the others that United has – but instead they’re using one for a goalie, another for someone else (like Ronaldo last week) and saving one for injury.

And on top of all this, if you ask me, they don’t have sufficient back-up at the goalie spot. Ron-Robert Zieler and Ben Amos are not sufficient cover by any means. The only thing looking up for United with this situation is the fact that van der Sar has announced his intentions to leave the club and the Premier League as a whole come the end of this season. Don’t be suprised if the Reds go for a GK sooner rather than later and we might see a transfer not long after January. I do believe that a few good goalies are out there and are open for the taking, here are a few:

Lee Quincy Cheuk-A-Lam — A young goalkeeper from Surinam who currently plays for FC Omniworld. The young lad is only 19, but he shows good value for his age and he looks rather promising.

Jose Carvallo Goalie for American MLS side D.C. UnitedJose Carvallo — Goalie for D.C. United and internartional for Peru., displays great skill and concentration, for someone of the age of 21.

Noel Valladares, Honduran Goalie for Honduran side Olimpia Noel Valladares — is a goalie for Olimpia (HON), and shows a great deal of poise despite playing for a minnows club in Honduras.

Shane Orio — At the age of 30 he’s the captain of Belize, and a fierce Goalie. He’s a bit brave and runs out on occasion where he may get beat but he’s good under pressure.

These are all suitable replacements for Edwin van der Sar, however it’s is almost a gurantee that none will be signed by the English giants nor will they be leaving where they are currently anyway. United will probably stay in house with the likes of Ben Amos and Ron-Robert Zieler.

Editor’s Note: Don’t discount Ben Foster and Tomas Kuszczak. Foster is a future English number one and Kuszczak has proven himself in the Premiership already.

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Reader Comments

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  1. Rachel and Dean says:

    I typed in World's biggest nose and it brought up Van de sar! I am discusted! How dare someone say that about him. I know his nose is'nt the smallest but it's hardly the largest! People that put that on are just jealous of him, his job and his life style!

  2. alex says:

    I think we should get either artur boruc because of his athleticism or casillas because of his outrageous saves but we do have kuszczak but he is'nt the best of goalkeepers neither is ben foster but he has shown good performances in the reserves and on his debut against derby county

  3. irvin says:

    Lee Quincy Cheuk-A-Lam ? how did you come with this name? I think he plays with aswh now

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