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Premiership Talk – 2008/09 Premier League Preview 4

By | 3rd July 2008

Part 4 of Premiership Talk’s season preview features Fulham and Hull City.

Best Case:
14th place. Let’s face it – Fulham are a side tipped for relegation this season. I don’t see how they were in such a dire position last season; the squad at Craven Cottage has what it takes to easily obtain 40 points in a season. Fourteenth place is a reasonable expectation for Roy Hodgson’s men. A victory against Hull City on the opening day of the season should put them on their way towards a better campaign than last season.
Worst Case: 19th place. Why can’t Premiership Talk see Fulham coming in 20th? Quite simply, they’re not that bad. An absolute worst case scenario should see Fulham finishing second bottom and playing in the Championship, but Fulham really shouldn’t be in the relegation zone this year. With teams like Hull and Stoke in the league Fulham should be picking up scrappy wins along the course of the season and doing enough to hover above the bottom three.
They Need: Goals. With their inspirational leader Brian McBride gone, Fulham won’t have his goals to rely on. Time and time again McBride bailed Fulham out of trouble, and this season players like Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey (yes, two Americans) will need to step up and score some goals. A healthy Jimmy Bullard should chip in, too.
Look out for: Jimmy Bullard. Two seasons ago Bullard showed Fulham fans what he was all about as he couldn’t stop scoring or grabbing assists. A career threatening injury ruined all of that and Bullard should benefit from having an injury free preseason this year. If he is healthy then the Premier League will soon be hearing his name again.

Hull City
Best Case:
17th place. If Hull City finish above the relegation zone then I will be shocked. A squad bereft of any real Premier League quality players, Hull are in for a long season. The jump from Championship to Premiership is a huge one, and I’m not sure if Hull are ready for it.
Worst Case: 20th place. Every season someone finishes in last, and this season might be Hull’s turn. As Premier League newboys, Hull won’t be too surprised if they are the team going straight back down. Not much to look at here.
They Need: Luck and prayers. I may sound a bit harsh on them, but I really feel as if Hull don’t have a chance at survival in the league. If they can keep Frazier Campbell on their books for another season then he might score some goals, but where will the support come from? Your guess is as good as mine.
Look out for: Any match that involves Hull. Que scenes from last season where Liverpool thrashed Derby 6-0; we might be in store for some more of those blowouts.

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  1. tippo says:

    A bit worried for Hull, they are not bringing in some quality to say in the premiership.Fulham – interested to see where they will end next season after a near relegation last season.